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1 in 3 Buyers Now Come From The Internet

Sometimes a picture tells the story:


Obviously newspapers are nearly useless to real estate agents now. The investment that was made in advertising in the papers should be moved to the internet, either through websites or tools to get maximum exposure for the agents listings.

In real estate we have already seen the value of newspapers virtually disappear in terms their power to attract buyers. The following chart is one that I recommend every agent have on hand during a listing appointment. It clearly shows where buyers are finding the homes they buy, and it’s not the newspaper. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.


  1. Be careful in quoting this data. If a consumer gets listing information from their agent via the internet, it is also included in the summary of the findings.

    Furthermore, consumers have already established a behavior whereby they see something in print, then go to the internet for more information. Once they are online – they immediately recognize that the information is far more resourceful than the newspaper.

    The newspaper and other print (especially yard signs) are still major drivers of online search. You can see data that we collected from broker websites which shows that more than 85% of visitors to broker websites come from visitors typing in the domain name. Print and other market branding "told" visitors what to type into their browser.

    Here is a link to the presentation and there is also a link to the study. Most of the top broker websites in the country participated – the study is free.


  2. The trend is undeniable. Wouldn't it be great to see real estate advertising spending by category as well? Thanks for the post!

  3. Newspapers are dinosaurs and not enviromnetally friendly. There is no wonder they go out of business.

  4. It is good info in front of your face. Many people already assumed this and many also already knew this…but now to see some charts makes it more concrete…thanks

  5. Okay, I can go along with newspapers being a historic form of advertising. However, there are still good, loyal clients who prefer to find their information in the newspaper. I agree that we should work toward this trend as our next generation grows older and equip ourselves to provide them with information in any form they want it. However, I'd really hate to lose those other two buyers by ignoring their housing search habits.

  6. It is funny to me, but I still see many agents advertising in local newspapers. It is a very expensive mistake. Those advertising dollars need to go into the internet, where people are actually looking.

  7. Frankly I'm surprised it's not over 50% coming from the Internet. It is bar-none the best way get view listings.

  8. Internet is very important in our days for your business.If you have a business with no site , it means that you are dead.But if you have a site for your business, you will make a lot of money.

  9. I am really enjoying your site, though some of the info is depressing. (Such as the vacancy rate in apartments currently.) Just kidding. I look forward to coming here daily, actually.

    Apropos of the one in three buyer stat…we just launched our new site last week. Please pass it around, if you don't mind.



  10. Print is on the way out and cost to much. I can deliver more content online for a lot less.

  11. The numbers relating to where home buyer start thier search are even more lopsided. Over 50% of homes buyers initial start there search on the web. This is before they even think about selecting a buyers agents. If you don't have a good web presence you are really missing out.

  12. Internet marketing is essential to the success of any real estate business. If you really want to amplify your internet presence, check out SEO companies.

  13. It's more practical to advertise on the internet for marketing your REAL estate properties. There are so many classified ads on the web offering free listing – other also do it in the form of having a website – optimizing it based on SEO do's. If they able to rank on Google – which is the most widely use Search engine will give them high percentage of website visitors that later on may be turn to leads.

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  14. Advertising on Print Ads such as Newspapers, flyers, etc. are too costly. And you cannot assure that your investment with those print ads will give you profits. That's why many of advertisers now prefer to user the internet. Billions of People browse the internet everyday much higher than those who read newspapers. Marketing on the Internet can give you more higher leads – or what we call client

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  15. What SEO companies is giving you the best listing and byers lead, and is one marketing strategy better then another?

    Charlotte Rouse

  16. Posting your ads over the internet is more practical, because its cheap sometimes it is free and it easily spread all over the web. There are a lot of sites that you can use to post your ads like craigslist and backpage.

  17. I agree with Bruce Dietz response, internet marketing is really essential in a real estate business. Studies shows that 1 of 3 buyers cane from the internet, so getting internet leads is really important.

  18. This confirms what we know but still so may agents dump money into print……they just won't let go and accept the changes.

  19. Print Ads is the popular way to advertise among seniors in the business industry but today it seems like it all fades…means nowadays,print ads is wasting money. A lot of money,instead of following the hi-tech trend today in advertising,which is online advertising. But some remains old ways. That's their choice and maybe a strategy.

  20. Newspaper advertising is still good for self marketing, but I'm only seeing one or two agents putting properties in the paper consistantly, it's now all online.

  21. I'm also finding that people like use the internet to do their own research, before talking with an expert. I'd love to see stats on that as well. Thanks for the info.

  22. It is interesting talking with agents that have been in the business for a while and seeing the massive decrease in print advertising for real estate. Just look at papers like the Little Nickel that have about shrunk out of existence as ad revenue has dried up.

    The problem now is cutting through the noise to get buyers to see you!

  23. by having internet, you can find everywhere, anywhere, whatever you are looking for in split seconds.

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