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68 Million Dollar Alpine New Jersey Mansion For Sale

68-million-dollar-nj-mansionRarely does a new home this expensive hit the market, but the Alpine, New Jersey home that Richard Kurtz is building is for sale.

Just 8 miles from Manhattan this 30,000 square foot home is a monster. With an 11 car garage, 12 bedrooms and 19 baths, it can hold a small army.

And if you did not know it, some of your neighbors will include Chris Rock, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Wesley Snipes, Lil kim, Damon Dash, and the Jonas Brothers. Talk about a fun party to invite your neighbors to.

It’s called the Stone Mansion – 30,000 square feet of home sitting on two acres of land. Richard Kurtz is the owner, and he started building the home for just himself and his wife – but the plans kept getting bigger and bigger.

…That basketball court was installed inside the house, but in case basketball’s not your game, there’s much more. “It could be ice skating, ice hockey, indoor swimming pool – I don’t know if it’s big enough for a bowling alley,” Kurtz said.

The mansion is five stories tall, with 12 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms with showers and views you won’t believe. The home also has four kitchens, an 11-car garage with mahogany doors, nine fireplaces, and more than 20 flat screen televisions.

Then there’s the wine cellar, which fits more than 3,000 bottles and uses thumbprint security to get in. However, it’s the massive women’s closet that will blow people away. Behind every mirror is hanging space, and the closet has plenty of shelves for shoes, and tons of drawers. via WCBSTV.com


  1. This home is beautiful. Albany Homes are more practical. They have the benefit of living in a city with the option for a short drive to the Adirondacks.

  2. Huge home as well as amazing and beautiful but one can’t even think in dreams to have such a giant house for living.

  3. I just heard that Oprah bought this Mansion…I work for a high end manufacturer of grilles for heating and airconditioning….our work is amazing..,can I send you a catalog and information about our company…a home as such deserves to have these magnificent grilles as coverings….All ineed is an address to mail the catalog….You have nothing to lose!! Thanks so very much for your time! ( I promise you will find our product truly amazing!!) (We also can create any pattern you may desire on our perforated grilles…including dogs!!)

  4. I think Albany Homes may be right.. this location has all the disadvantages and none of the benefits of homes in the Capital District (Albany Schenectady Troy Saratoga Clifton Park, New York). Search Capital District homes and tell me if you disagree.

  5. As a 1% I would buy this house since I have always live in the tri state area for years and vacation the winter in Miami FL. It makes since to me to have the best of both worlds!

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