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Buy a House for Only 1 Dollar – Only in Detroit Baby

Yesterday we had the dead leaving Detroit in droves, now we have the 1 dollar home. Yes, you heard me right, a home for 1 dollar. 100 pennies. Your child could buy it with their allowance. A sawbuck. See below for a picture of the 1 dollar home.


Heck, it costs 230 dollars for Barbies 3 Story Dream House, but in Motown you can get the real thing for a buck.

Just don’t tell my 12 year old, he would buy it and I would lose all my leverage.

The sale price of the home may be an anomaly, but illustrates both the depths of the foreclosure crisis in Detroit and the rapid scuttling of vacant homes in some of the city’s impoverished neighborhoods.
The home, at 8111 Traverse Street, a few blocks from Detroit City Airport, was the nicest house on the block when it sold for $65,000 in November 2006, said neighbor Carl Upshaw. But the home was foreclosed last summer, and it wasn’t long until “the vultures closed in,” Upshaw said. “The siding was the first to go. Then they took the fence. Then they broke in and took everything else.”  via Detroit News


  1. There was a time when the $1 price for distressed homes was common place every where. The city of Topeka (KS) used to sell foreclosed homes for $1 to low income people, who then agreed to fix up (repair) those homes.

    However, many cities have moved away from that practice in favor of other programs to assist those low income (often 1st time) home owners.

  2. This is a great (imaginative) post!

  3. A sawbuck is 10 dollars, not 1 dollar.

  4. We have a package of 10 homes available in Detroit for only $25,000. All need repairs but there is huge potential here. Serious buyers call (269)353-9238 today.

  5. I need to purchase a home for one buck. Please let know the location of one. Thanks!

  6. Where can I find a listing of homes for sale for a dollar?

  7. where can i find a list of homes for a dollar in D3etroit?

  8. Do you have any listings of $1 homes in Washington D.C.? Thanks.

  9. I think $1 home is a toy. I don't even imagine to have a house which is worth $1.

  10. would also be interested in buying houses please contact me thank you ..richard

  11. Very funny comparison. However you don't need to pay property tax on Barbies 3 Story Dream House. With the unemployment rate over 20%, it's hard to imagine the $1 home is a good deal if it's in a dead neighborhood.

  12. ok please tell me how and email me the details to good to be true, what other expense comes with it, are they safe to live in then.



  13. it's extremelly for been good, but let me know where is exactly the place, and what else i have to pay because you don't talk about the taxes and anything else.

  14. I will love to buy a house for one doller someone e-mail me.

    • Hi, did you get an answer to buy a one dollar house yet?

      I am thinking of going up there with a bus full of "BUYERS" we can all buy on the same streets or neighborhoods…near stores and services. Please let me know if you can go to One dollar City

  15. We are a family of five. Neither my husband can find work. We live on 674 a month ssi for my autistic son. Desperate for housing that is affordable. 1 dollar home or dirt cheap rental needed asap. Thanks

  16. LEt me know If youll be able to assit a Soldier in obtaining real freedom.

  17. I need help with buying a home

  18. I don't know about Detroit but in our area there are NO $1.00 homes. There is little assistance toanyone foreclosed upon and fraudently foreclosed on (bad paperwork). There are government entities using these properties to sell for 18,000-30K . They are in pooor condition and sold as is.. This is NOT any assistance IMHO to those in dire straights.

  19. I am very much interested in learning about homes for $1 in Detroit.

  20. I live in downtown Detroit,
    The only reason its that cheap is cause the crime rate is super high.
    If your willing to buy a house over here, just watch out.
    Downtown is not the best place if your willing to move to Detroit for your first time

  21. To the person that wrote the lead paragragh to the story- a Sawbuck is a tendollar bill;not a one dollar bill.Put your I Phone down and quit texting.Read and write some more and u will go further!

  22. A sqawbuck is $10 not one dollar

  23. ..there`s no free lunch . ever.
    Asking or even thinking about buying a house to live in for 1 dollar is like asking to live for a thousand years..it simply doesn`t happen. Things come at a price, yes – there are bargains to be had, but chances are those in the buying-selling game will know about those bargains AND snap them up long before you even hear about them..and that is just the way the cookie crumbles. Use common sense whenever you come to look at the real estate market and believe me – if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

  24. I was thinking of financing this home ! :-)

    Damn Banks asked for 20% down and wouldn't go 30 years..

  25. I'll keep my buck before I buy a house that has to be moved.

  26. You are all losers. Get a job and maybe you will be able to buy a home.

  27. you can buy a PUSSY 4 free !
    maybe in HELL ! house worth a Dollar !

  28. these are for sale in areas it is extremely unsafe to live in, would you risk you life or the life of your family for a 1$ home?

  29. any $1 homes in va. or n.j. ??

  30. I might have no home that I personally own, however a $1 home doesnot sound realistic to me.It should come with headaches that will amount to the real price of an average home even more. These homes should be the ones the owners ripped off almost everything coz they were forced to move out due to foreclosure!!

  31. I need a $1 home in massachusetts….

  32. Helpus Helpourselves

    You should sell the dollar homes to all the homeless people in the usa. Then the government could stop funding the shelters, kitchens and crappy section 8 housing and use that money to help them re-establish a city that is a ghost town.

  33. It sounds great at first, until you factor in that the repair costs for this house most likely will exceed the value after renovation. It's boarded up, so most likely the copper wiring has been stripped from the walls. Was it a meth house? Are their any liens or back taxes in place? If people do their research, it's possible to save a pantload in real estate, but you don't want to walk into a sale blind to all the particulars involved.

  34. Check out http://www.bid4assets.com for $1 no reserve homes, primarily in Detroit.

  35. The one dollar home is rare, but there are some one dollar homes in the Detroit Metro Area, and we can help you get them. Call us at 313-243-1540 and we will help. BTW. You can also get homes starting at $500 at the upcoming Wayne County Tax Auction.

  36. that is a dang lie there are no such thing a hose for a doller.

  37. Four bedroom

  38. Okay

  39. I WILL BUY IT. Reply me the address. I can repair it. I repair houses for a living. So reply me the location. i live in Detroit. Also i don't Belive in that ghost or super natural crap so im OK with it.

  40. I am frances martin and i am very much interested in learing about buyin homes for 1$ please contact me at 313 334 1155


  42. I am watching a show called we rehab addict and Nicole Purchased her house just for a dollar $$$$$$ 1.00 and she has the model bit not just one but couple of them Detroit is not too far away from my home city I love to find be one I just love remodeling and of course bigger space for my kids

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