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Canadian Snowbirds Warned Off Sunbelt and Florida

SnowbirdsAn interesting editorial from the National Post of Canada by Diane Francis is not a ringing endorsement for Canadians to use their stronger dollar to buy up Florida real estate.

The whole article should be required reading for any agent selling to snowbirds in Florida and Arizona. Not that I am saying she is right, do not get me wrong, but articles like this can have a great deal of influence on buyers perspective.

Finding the right way to change that perspective is the role of the salesperson. And that is why if you sell to snowbirds you should read this editorial.

I would concentrate on the opportunity cost lost. Canadian winter or Florida winter, not a hard choice in my mind…

The bottom line is that unless you want to buy something and stay in it for 20 years be very wary or rent. Things are going to get worse before they get better. The next shoe is beginning to fall as banks must go from merely writing down the defaulted interest on three months of mortgages to writing down the difference between their outstanding mortgage and what the properties fetch, or will fetch, on the market. via the National Post


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    With the way the real estate market is going right now there are a lot of people who are looking at real estate differently. St. George Utah is a big retirement community in the United States like Arizona and Florida. We have seen retirees invest differently.

  2. There are Florida homes still viable and definitely worth looking at.

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  3. Land lease home ownership can be an affordable option for out of state "snowbirds" due to the low initial investement, criminal background check requirements, low maintenance and active retirement lifestyle. Many of these properties can be leased on a short term basis during our "season" if the home owner chooses not to use the property during the prime winter months. This can offer the advantage of convenience for those who want the freedom to come and go as they please and the flexibility of covering costs associated with this type of homeownership through rental income.

    State laws should be reviewed before any purchase as rights and fees may vary depending on the type of community.

    -Kara Holt

  4. “Whether you’re an investor or ready to retire, it has never been a better time to own Orlando Florida.”

    There’s a great workshop going on about Florida real estate. Whether its visiting, vacation or settlement in Florida, its the perfect time to buy property in Orlando. They’re holding real estate seminars around the GTA, and I think it’s extremely worthwhile and an ideal opportunity for Canadian snowbirds. For more information, go to http://www.ownfloridanow.com. They have great rates as well.

  5. There is alot of Florida real estate on the East Coast that is just lovely!

  6. I am selling a great little home in sunny south FL that would be perfect for a snowbird from Canada. Not only will you be an hour from either coast, but you will be right by Lake Okeechobee and right around the corner from an RV park that caters to Canadians all winter long. Great place to live in a great community. http://www.441redishcircle.com

  7. We’re seeing A LOT of Canadians buying condos in the Cocoa Beach area. CNN Money Magazine recently featured me in an article on 10 Ways To Make Real Money. #4 was to invest in rental properties in my area. Please visit my website for more info and property/community videos.

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