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December 2013 Home Sales Drop Sharply

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

Housing sales dropped 7 percent nationwide as demand for homes declined significantly. That is the bad news, but there is good news. Housing prices did rise 4.6 percent compared to December, 2012. So what happened. The reduction in foreclosure inventory and overall inventory has created a bit more scarcity in the marketplace. Odds are the low hanging fruit that the ... Read More »

Rick Ross Buying Evander Holyfield’s Foreclosed Atlanta Mansion

Rapper Rick Ross buying Holyfield Mansion

The word is out, Rick Ross is buying Evander Holyfield’s Fairburn, Georgia 107 room former mansion from the bank. The home failed to sell in a foreclosure auction held this past November, but it looks like rapper Rick Ross has decided to buy the compound for close to the 6.75 million dollar asking price. Holyfield originally paid nearly 100 million ... Read More »

Chinese Plan 10 Billion in Worldwide Real Estate Purchases in 2014


Chinese real estate investors are scouring the globe looking for real estate deals to protect their nest eggs according to an article at the Wall Street Journal. With the risk of credit issues in China, prudent investors are looking for safe places to park their money overseas, and quality real estate seems to be a favorite. The majority of the ... Read More »

The Top 10 Most Unaffordable Cities in the United States


When we look at housing prices we are really talking about affordable living. If wages are extremely high in your community, expensive housing prices are not that much of a burden. It is why Washington D.C. is not on the list. Reading the latest Demographia International Affordability Survey, and if you are a real estate numbers geek it is absolutely ... Read More »

Is Your Homeowners Association Underfunded?


It is one of those horrible scenarios, but you may be on the hook for a potentially large assessment from your homeowners association, and not even know it. In fact, your homeowners association may be close to being broke… When you buy a home that is governed by a homeowners association you sign a long document that gives the association ... Read More »

World’s Wealthiest Hold One-Fifth of Their Wealth In Real Estate

Real Estate Hong Kong

One of the adages I was raised with is if you want to be successful, watch what successful people are doing. I would assume this would apply to investment real estate and the super rich do like to invest in real estate assets. The European rich like real estate the most holding 31 percent of their assets in properties and ... Read More »

New Mortgage Rules Make Buying Harder For Riskier Buyers

2014 Gaaranteed Mortgage Rules

The new mortgage rules that went into effect on January 10th could hurt lower income buyers going forward. Under the Dodd-Frank Act that was passed in 2010, lenders are now going to have to have to make a “reasonable, good faith determination” that a borrower can repay the loan before the loan is written. This sounds like common sense, but ... Read More »

You Can Buy A Home With Bitcoins

Buy Home With Bitcoins

If you have followed the growing market in BitCoins, you know that they are slowly being accepted for many traditional transactions. But the New York City brokerage, Bond New York, has announced they are accepting bitcoins for their real estate sales. Bond New York, a Manhattan-based real estate broker, has started accepting the digital currency for real estate transactions, The ... Read More »

Wells Fargo 591 Million Mortgage Settlement With Fannie Mae

Wells Fargo Mortgage

Wells Fargo has cleaned the decks with a 591 million dollar settlement with Fannie Mae after saddling the now government lending institution with billions of dollars in bad loans. This follows Wells Fargo settlement of $869 million dollars with Freddie Mac earlier this year. Fannie Mae and its sibling firm, Freddie Mac, were seized by the federal government in 2008 as ... Read More »

Why Young People Can Not Afford To Buy A Home


The real estate industry is in a war, and they do not even realize it. The major combatants are the real estate industry, the educational establishment, and the automotive industry. The war is being fought over the young people’s debt. Because unlike the government, the individual can only borrow so many dollars. Now the bad news for those in the ... Read More »