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Top 10 Largest Home Builders In United States


Updated Again with 2012 Numbers:  The annual list of home builders is out again with the 2012 numbers, and the surprise entry this year was Habitat for Humanity coming in at the #10 position, down significantly from the previous year. D.R. Horton –  19,954 Homes Built in 2012 PulteGroup –  16,505 Homes Built in 2012 Lennar Corp  –  13,802 Homes Built ... Read More »

Options Abound For Older Homebuyers


When it comes to residential real estate, age is often overlooked. Well, more accurately, old age is often overlooked in favor of news and programs geared toward first time home buyers in Illinois and elsewhere, who are typically on the younger side of the spectrum. However, if news out of the construction market is any indication, older Americans are helping ... Read More »

Why Wait To Buy Your First Home Till You Are Married


In my parents generation it was easy, you dated, got engaged, got married, then bought the house. Lots of little check marks on the list and very few deviated from the norm. In my generation it was a bit more difficult. You still did the dating part, but we typically added the living together part before the marriage or even the engagement. ... Read More »

U-Haul’s Top 10 US Destinations For 2013


I always like lists that come from companies that are in the trenches. The U-Haul report is especially interesting because it is counting those that are migrating without hiring the big moving companies. This captures the economic moves for families that are leaving not because of a corporate relocation or high dollar retirement, but those that are looking to find ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Cities In the World For 2013


With the significant increase in billionaires in the world over the past year due to the improving stock markets, Savills has come out with their annual World Cities Review report. The reports shows that the luxury markets in the major cities have improved much faster than the markets as a whole. Asia has seen the biggest increase of luxury housing ... Read More »

Rising Costs and Tight Credit Slow New Construction

National Association of Home Builders

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) showed a slight dip for January, 2013. The results issued today showed the HMI index slipped 4 points from 51 (optimistic territory) to 47 (negative territory) as increased costs for raw materials and land started hitting the bottom line and the old nemesis, tight credit lending standards, started affecting ... Read More »

Top 10 Fastest Real Estate Markets in 2013


Redfin has come out with an interesting new metric for analyzing how fast moving real estate markets in the country. They have captured the flash sales, those homes that have gone to contract in under 24 hours after the initial listing, in major markets across the country. As inventories tighten and buyers have returned to the market, we are seeing ... Read More »

Pope Francis’s New Home In The Vatican City


So the new Pope Francis has been elected, lets go and look at the Papal Apartment in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City in Rome. Pope’s have been living in the apartment since the 17th  century. There are 10 rooms in the 3rd  floor Papal apartment which includes a vestibule, a studio office, the Pope’s private study, the Pope’s ... Read More »

Who Will Buy The Baby Boomers Homes?


An interesting article came out warning about where the next housing crisis may come from. The  Atlantic Cities site, has a post saying that the Baby Boomers are going to have a hard time finding buyers of their homes when they go to sell. According to data from the American Housing Survey, from 1989 and 2009, 80 percent of new ... Read More »

Panty Stealing Real Estate Agent Busted In Northern Virginia

Panty Stealer Realtor

This story is just plain creepy. Stephen Brumme, of Silver Spring, MD, was caught on a home video camera stealing underwear from a home seller while waiting for his client to arrive. One of the things you do when selling your home is trust the professional agents to treat your home with respect and not steal from you. But for ... Read More »