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Sinkhole Swallows Man Sleeping in Bed in Seffner, Florida


This is about as scary as it gets. Imagine being asleep in bed and a sinkhole opens up right underneath your bed. While you are asleep… Unfortunately this is what is presumed to have happened to Jeff Bush in Seffner, Florida on the evening of February 28th. His brother was saved by a sheriffs deputy who reached in and saved his ... Read More »

RIP Jerry Buss, Real Estate Magnate and Lakers Owner


Jerry Buss, best known for his ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, was also a member of the real estate community. He made is money through his ownership of residential apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings. His partnership in Mariani-Buss Associates with Frank Mariani created the wealth so that he could be able to own the Lakers. He ... Read More »

Dumb Real Estate Photography – Hide the Pot Plants

Picture used to help sell a home in Australia showing their pot plants...

Here is a scenario for the real estate agents in the audience: A 28-year-old man from Henley Beach South in Adelaide was reported for cultivating cannabis after photos of his plants were noticed on a real estate website. The plants, growing in pots, inadvertently showed up in photos used to advertise the house for sale. Police attended the house with a ... Read More »

PulteGroup and Lennar Home Builders Top Stocks in 2012


If you had told me in January that owning PulteGroup and Lennar was a smart move I probably would have scoffed at you. But now at the end of the year, these two companies are considered a couple of the best investments of the year, and still worthy to hold on to. Boosted by the beginnings of a housing recovery, ... Read More »

Television Opportunity For Real Estate Agents

A major television production company based in Los Angeles is doing nationwide casting for fabulous up-and-comers in real estate.  We’re looking for women ages 27-32 (but can go a bit outside that range) who are making a name for themselves in the competitive world of real estate.  We want women with huge personalities who know how to hustle and aren’t ... Read More »

Government Intrusion Forces The National Association of Home Builders To React

One of the most subservient organizations to the federal government has had enough of government regulations and is fighting back. The National Association of Home Builders has gone along with the myriad of government programs that lined the pockets of the connected and delayed the recovery of the housing industry for the past 5 years. Now they have finally seemed ... Read More »

Real Estate Blogging is Dying – Fast

Coming from the guy who “went” by the name of the real estate blogger, I am calling this game… Real Estate Blogging is dying, fast. If you want to learn more, contact me on Twitter – @tomroyce or call me at 770-755-1503. Read More »

Top 10 States With Highest Down Payment

When buying a home, one of the key components is the down payment. Back a few years ago when the housing bubble was hitting it’s peak, there were no money down loans floated out there, but those are ancient history. Now you need hard money to make the loan. Lending Tree commissioned a study and measured the states on what ... Read More »