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Top 10 Largest Home Builders In United States


Updated Again with 2012 Numbers:  The annual list of home builders is out again with the 2012 numbers, and the surprise entry this year was Habitat for Humanity coming in at the #10 position, down significantly from the previous year. D.R. Horton –  19,954 Homes Built in 2012 PulteGroup –  16,505 Homes Built in 2012 Lennar Corp  –  13,802 Homes Built ... Read More »

Rising Costs and Tight Credit Slow New Construction

National Association of Home Builders

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) showed a slight dip for January, 2013. The results issued today showed the HMI index slipped 4 points from 51 (optimistic territory) to 47 (negative territory) as increased costs for raw materials and land started hitting the bottom line and the old nemesis, tight credit lending standards, started affecting ... Read More »

SCAM – The FBI Called And Wanted To Install A Security System


A new scam is out there offering a free security system. The telemarketers are trying to trick you to install the new security system free of charge. A telemarketer is offering a free install of a system, signs, and stickers. The system is automated and calling homes targeting the elderly it seems like. First of all, the FBI is not ... Read More »

The Housing Police Are Getting Teeth From ObamaCare


Obamacare has opened the door for the government to get inside your home. For years we heard “Government Stay Out Of My Bedroom” but now those on the other side of the aisle will now be singing that song. With a new push incorporating multiple agencies of the federal government, including the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection ... Read More »

Toll Brothers: If You Can Not Build Them, Join Them

The construction market slowdown to historic lows has the braintrust at Toll Brothers reconsidering their business plan. Since they can not sell new homes right now they have announced a plan to buy distressed properties. Yep, a top homebuilder is going into the REO game. And it is a brilliant move. One of the biggest fears when buying a foreclosure ... Read More »

Australian Homes Cost Nearly Twice As Much As USA Homes

Remember your first economics class as the professor showed the supply versus demand curve and it seemed such a basic concept? Well if you need proof that it works, just look at the housing markets in the United States and Australia. Both immigrant countries that have relatively short histories the housing markets differ greatly. Australia with a much smaller population ... Read More »

For Strong Banks Mortgages Are Good Business – Example Navy Federal Credit Union

2008 saw a huge shakeout in the mortgage industry as those banks that profited off of subprime loans disappeared or merged with stronger institutions. Now with the subprime business off the books and home prices discounted, banks that have a strong balance sheet are looking to loan. The profits subsidized by the government are making good loans highly profitable. The ... Read More »

Hope Now vs Hope For Homeowners – Another Government Failure

Hope Now – 2.2 million homeowners helped Hope For Homeowners – 312 applications taken. Guess which one is run privately and which one is a government boondoggle. You are a winner. The grand committee based, Congressionally negotiated program Hope For Homeowners has only taken 312 applications while have 300 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money at it’s disposal. I wonder how much ... Read More »

Buy a Home For a Dollar? If You Do You Are Still A Sucker.

You can buy a home for a dollar in Atlanta, if you are a government entity. HUD is selling two foreclosures in the city for $1.00 to those willing to convert the property to affordable housing. With the glut in foreclosures plaguing the City of Atlanta there is not much chance for a private investor to make a buck buying ... Read More »

FEMA Housing Coming Slowly For Texas Hurricane Victims

Remember all the consternation over the lack of FEMA housing provided after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Louisiana? As billions of dollars poured into the communities surrounding New Orleans the cry was too late and never enough. Now in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, the response has been much less both by the press and FEMA. Of the 4,000 families ... Read More »