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London Sees The Popping Of Housing Bubble?

London has had a heck of a ride when it comes to real estate. The additional governmental intervention in New York has made London the center of finance for the world. As such, real estate prices have tripled over the past decade. New statistics have show that the market has declined in the past year. But the word on the street is ... Read More »

The Mess Behind The Housing Crisis

You have heard it countless times, American’s were using their house as a piggy bank and as their primary means of savings. We all to one degree or another saw the house as an investment vehicle to one degree or another. Housing Appreciation is the American Way! But this New York Times editorial by Tyler Cowen put’s it into perspective ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Overpriced Zip Codes in America

Do you think that your home is overpriced in todays market even after the painful correction? If you live in one of these zip codes you may be right. Of course, some of these communities are still very highly desirable, but at the end of the day, do you want Tribeca or Central Park West? Chinatown or Beacon Hill? Forbes and ... Read More »

Fannie Mae Chief Executive Predicts National Housing Recovery in 2010

The head of Fannie Mae is predicting a slow real estate market spanning through 2009 as indicators such as the Case Shiller report as showing even greater weakness in the market. Daniel Mudd predicts the slowdown lasting longer than many other prognosticators, but interesting enough recognizes that he is guessing as forecasting housing is not an easy job. This is ... Read More »

Roommates.com Loses Fair Housing Case in 9th Circuit Court

In a very controversial decision, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Roommates.com has violated the fair housing laws by matching roommates by gender, sexual orientation, and parenthood. By asking prospective roommates to put in their status on these criteria and allowing prospective roommates to judge them on that basis. Now lets think this through, the 9th Circuit has said ... Read More »

Subsidizing Housing For Sex Offenders in New York City

This is a problem that faces landlords all over the country. How to handle a tenant on the sex offender registry. The City of New York has an out though, they have a firm rule that housing for those who are on the sexual offender registry. They can not rent. But as with any large bureaucracy, the slow and laborious ... Read More »

Why Homeowner Association Exclusive Contracts Can Backfire

Engadget has an interesting article on why homeowner associations that sign exclusive contracts for services can have it backfire. The example they are using is the contracts homeowners associations have signed to make cable companies exclusive providers to get better rates. The problem is that with if foreclosures happen or homes go empty, the rest of the neighborhood has to ... Read More »

Solar Power Cells Made By Your Inkjet Printer?

Has anyone noticed that there has been a surge in alternative power ideas coming to fruition now that energy costs are skyrocketing? The newest one that I have come across are solar power film cells that can be printed off of an inkjet printer. Like electricity, consumers will gravitate to the least expensive solution. When one form of energy gets ... Read More »

Residential Real Estate Downturn Due To Greed, Commercial Due to Credit Crunch?

Here is a question to the media. Why is it when residential sales drop it is because of the fault of the housing industry, but when sales of commercial properties fall it is because of the credit crunch? I know I am seriously generalizing the issue but that is how the media is approaching this. All residential problems are reported as based ... Read More »

British Real Estate Facing It’s Own Bubble Popping

After years of rising property values, the British are facing their own housing bubble and it is not going to be pretty. The use of subprime loans as housing prices stripped the ability to pay for a conventional loan became popular in England with the same results as in the United States. Now that housing prices are coming down and ... Read More »