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Is Your Homeowners Association Underfunded?


It is one of those horrible scenarios, but you may be on the hook for a potentially large assessment from your homeowners association, and not even know it. In fact, your homeowners association may be close to being broke… When you buy a home that is governed by a homeowners association you sign a long document that gives the association ... Read More »

Who Will Buy The Baby Boomers Homes?


An interesting article came out warning about where the next housing crisis may come from. The  Atlantic Cities site, has a post saying that the Baby Boomers are going to have a hard time finding buyers of their homes when they go to sell. According to data from the American Housing Survey, from 1989 and 2009, 80 percent of new ... Read More »

NAR Sales Data Continues to be Wrong

An open letter to the National Association of Realtors members from one of our readers. Dear REALTORS, With their latest press release, it seems that the National Association of REALTORS has completely given up being a credible source of housing data.  Therefore, I would strongly advise against using any of their data or information that they disseminate from their offices.  ... Read More »

Real Estate Investor Conference – BiggerPockets Style

Are you ready for a real estate investment conference that is not on big sell and spam fest? Are you tired of every speaker from the stage pitching their product instead of teaching you? Well, your conference has arrived. Josh Dorkin and the crew over at BiggerPockets is putting on a truly amazing conference on real estate investing with the ... Read More »

Illinois Real Estate Agent Wins National Chili Cookoff Title

I was talking with a non real estate networking expert yesterday and the topic of standing out from the crowd came up. When I saw this story it segued perfectly into the conversation. Ill. real estate agent wins world chili cookoff A 52-year-old Illinois real estate agent has won the world championship cookoff of the International Chili Society in Charleston, ... Read More »

Phoenix’s Real Estate Market Hits Tipping Point

After a long and painful period of decline, Phoenix’s real estate market is finally showing signs of life. Sure the big movers are foreclosures and that those who bought at the top have seen their property values drop nearly 50 percent. But the perpetual gloom that has hung over Phoenix, the poster child for the housing meltdown, seems to be ... Read More »

I Hate My Agent!

Wallet Pop has a great article titled “Real estate truths you won’t learn from HGTV” talking about how real estate investments are probably not the best way to invest your money. It was a very interesting consumer focused article discussing the pitfalls of following the remodeling craze the home design shows recommend. But the final item really caught my eye. ... Read More »

Generation X Not Riding To The Rescue For Home Prices

Is the housing crisis just the confluence between the Baby Boomer’s downsizing and the over zealous lending practices on Wall Street? That is the consensus of John Wasik at Bloomberg.com today. The 40 year run of spending by the Baby Boomer’s is almost over and as they downsize their lives for retirement, there are not enough Generation X families to ... Read More »

Case Shiller Report For February 2009 Bleeds Red, Phoenix Down 50%

When you look back at this period of real estate history in the United States you will have to wonder how we kept our sanity. The picture of the stockbroker jumping out of the window is the image from the Great Depression. What will be the image of the Real Estate agent who went through the housing boom and then ... Read More »

Real Estate Agents Spending Most Marketing Money On The Internet

The Real Estate Book’s  owner Network Communications put out a press release on how real estate agents are using their marketing dollars. The results will not surprise anyone who reads this site. Real estate agents are using the internet as their primary means of reaching new clients. The money is racing away from newspapers and radio into focused real estate ... Read More »