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Cyntoia Brown Sentenced to 51 Years to Life for Real Estate Agent Murder in Nashville

A teenager who killed Johny Allen, a real estate agent in Nashville , was sentenced to 51 years to life for the murder. Cyntoia Brown, 16 at the time, supposedly committed the murder just for the “thrill of it” after she ran away from a group home.

Cyntoia_brownA Nashville judge decided Tuesday that 51 years in prison before being eligible for parole is enough for a teenager who robbed and murdered a real estate agent.

In August a Nashville jury convicted Cyntoia Brown, 18, of first-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery after siding with prosecutors who argued that the teen killed Johnny Allen two years earlier for the “thrill of it.”

…The first-degree murder charge carries an automatic life sentence of 51 years in prison before release eligibility. On Tuesday, Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Randall Wyatt sentenced Brown to 20 years in prison on the robbery charge, but ruled that it would be served simultaneously with the life sentence. via the Tennessean


  1. Some people are not what they seem to be. Media made this man out as if he were helping her. He wasn't. He had no intentions on helping her. Im not saying she was right but he wasn't either. I think for a person with a mental disorder she inhereited, 51 years is way too long. Any comments email me. Thanks

    • I am in total agreement with you.Last night a program i watched brought tears to my eyes; after viewing a profile on PBS concerning this young lady I think a committee in her behalf should be formed.Injustice all the way.

    • I agree 100% I don't agree with that her childhood was robbed from her I ain't an expert but all she wanted was to feel loved if I was in her shoes I would of done the same I don't agree with murder but I don't think she should of got sentenced she needed help she was a troubled young girl who had been through so much abuse her was crying out for help and craved for love

  2. Ms. Newman,

    Johnny Allen was a personal close friend of mine and I have known him a long time. It was his habit to help the homeless. He WAS trying to help her. I attended the week long trial and heard all the evidence. Johnny's intentions were honorable. Cyntoia did not have an inhereted mental disorder. 51 years is way too short.

    • I think is funny he was naked with a 16 year old and no one ever questioned why. No it was not right for her to kill him but really what was he planning on doing with her once he got undressed. The sad part the child was punished the rest of her life for a split second wrong judgement.

    • The man was a child molester. At 16 the girl looked like she was 12. Come on people.

    • Apparently they were that honorable screwing around with a teenager. I would have killed his ass to.

    • What's a man doing in bed naked with a teenager if he was so rghtus

    • Ms. Newman,
      Sorry for the loss of your friend. I watched the documentary, and of course it doesn't contain all the evidence. The act of murder is premeditated, I'm not sure the Cyntoia was sentenced on her crime, I'm police officer and I realize that nowadays ppl get sentenced for the crimes that were committed before theirs. It looks like the DA and others made her pay for unsolved crimes that frustrated them over time. Here is a man who appears to be doing more than just helping people. He paid her to have sex with him, that's not right. That's statutory at the least. Who knows if they were ever younger. Cyntoia wasn't punished for that crime she was punished for all the frustration of society/DA's mistakes in past cases.

    • He was a child molester. He took advantage of a vulnerable young girl. Wake up.

    • Mr Johnny was tring to have sex with that 16 year old girl and don't get it twisted that he was "trying to help her". He saw young meat and was not going to stop until he get him some. Had she been white, and he was black she would not have gotten any jail or prison time. Yes it was wrong for her to take his life. But we have always had a two sided justice.

  3. Anna,

    For one Toia is my cousin. And she did inherite it. I know. She put herself out there but he took advantage. If he was trying to help her so much, why was he naked. Nobody wants to accept this fact but its the truth. Toia was not right by no means. She was not defending herself and Im sure he was not harming her. But 51 years is WAY too long. You will see others that are charged with the same crime that parole out in 15 20 years. Toia can not come up for parole until she does the 51 first. Im not taking up for her because what she did was wrong and she knows that. But the girl does have mental issues. Nobody up there knows her real family before she was adopted. They are mental. Seriously.

    • i like all this …except to keep in mind that she was in fact the only one there …and maybe he was in fact not reaching for a gun /knife…or anything like that …but she was definitely defending herself because she didnt know what he was doing exactly…just as an officer does when he guns a guy down because he is reaching in his pocket….and then come to find out he was going for his phone or something like that …we will never know what he was doing…nor will she…but she did see alot of uninviting situations in the house…and being that he took her to his home and was found naked after showing her all his guns and how good he is with them…hmmm…kinda sketchy..not actually really sketchy…. he was a real estate agent…if he wanted to show himself as accomplished to impress her ..he couldve just as well used that ;) but thats not what happened on top of all the pictures that were taken of where the guns were in the home….who has guns just laying around ready to go?? the man obviously had issues

    • I think Cyntoia was scared, i watched the documentry on her last night and havent stopped thinking about it since, theres no way she deserves to be in jail until shes an old woman, LET CYNTOIA OUT!

  4. I don’t know Cyntoia Brown personally, but however, I am doing a major research report of the murder she committed for my English 101 class. If anyone has any direct USEFUL insight, as in actually knowing Ms. Brown or the murder victim, Johnny Allen, please contact me via email at [email protected]. My report isn’t due until the first week of December, so there will be plenty of time to respond to me. Thank you.

  5. Anna, You knew Johnny, or so you thought you did. You know nothing about Cyntoia or her biological family. I am her mother. The woman who gave birth to her and I can go ahead and inform you that she inherited severe mental issues. Don't you remeber the testimony the lady gave at Toia's trial about being raped by Johnny Allen. There are lots of people in this world that have several personalities. Johnny had one as well as Cyntoia. Sorry for the loss of your friend and I feel his own mother's pain. I have lost a child to the system. So from here on you should speak on the facts that you can back up. You can't speak on Toia because you don't know her. You only know she took your friends life. What if your child had committed this act? I am pretty sure you would feel differently.

  6. Anna, you express that Johnny was simply trying to help Cyntoia, and that his intentions were honorable.

    Is nearly-forcing a teenager into sexual acts really honorable? Was he truly there for her?

    I doubt it. Even though Cyntoia sold her body via prostitution, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the right to defend herself when a man over 30 years older than herself approaches her sexually.

    Granted, I know that what Cyntoai did was wrong; killing Johnny, but again, it was merely an act out of self defense.

  7. Its funny how at the appeal more girls show up to show this man was no saint…. once again he had intentions on helping her….. the majority of her life in prison but she is not the only who had to pay….

  8. I just saw the documentary last night, and if Mr. Allen was really trying to help her he would not have taken her to his home and gotten in bed with her. That's not how you help a 16 year-old.
    Helping would have meant taking her to get a cup of coffee and talking in a neutral place, maybe driving her to a youth center.

  9. That's all propaganda for the system. Everyone should know that he did not have honorable intentions. That doesn't excuse her actions, but don't portray her as a devil. It is nothing but another chapter in the book of sorrow. I hate it for their families.

  10. All I know is that at 15 years old you have no concept of how the real world works. A 40+ year old man does. I am sure that his intentions were NOT at all Honorable. He took advantage of a very young pretty girl. I am not defending what she did but to charge a CHILD as an Adult is wrong. 51 years is four times her age at the time of the crime. Pretty extream justice if you ask me.

  11. I was going to type a lot of bitter stuff about ex-Marines picking up teenage girls and paying them for sex and about the abuse of POWER that runs rampant in this country, but I will refrain. It’s all painfully obvious to some of us.

    I’m sorry Cyntoia Brown received the sentence she did, and my heart truly goes out to her.

  12. Just saw it too and we all know killing a man is wrong but you have to at least look at the circumstances she was 16 a troubled child she had problems and all of this were overlooked not even noticed according to the plot till she was locked up.
    As for the man who died all I know is he was a real estate agent but a sick one indeed I wish he didn't die wish he had served time for sexually molesting, harassing,statutorily raping her and all the charges that come with that because he was also wrong too but no one is addressing this only cause it's the truth.
    Open your hearts people she was a child who didn't deserved to be tried as an adult and she deserves a second chance .

  13. Iwas so moved when i saw this story, and just over all shocked that a child can be tried as an adult in the United States of America. The way this child was treated and mistreated from conception to her teenage yrs by not only her mother but by countless men over and over again. No sense of who she is, not knowing what real love and effection is or feel likes from anyone who was supposed to protect her and keep her safe. Then to only be punished further with spending the rest of her adolesance along with her adult life behind bars. does anyone see how this child was failed. The cycle of abuse is real, teenage pregnancy is real, mental disorders within the Afican American community is also real, and many times go undiagnosd and untreated. Until we take the blinders off, we will see that we have only begun to scratch the surface and reveal that there are many "Cyntoia's" in this world ……

  14. This was just a very sad case. Such a beautiful girl who will not even get a chance to live the life that God intended for her. This world is filled with so much pain, and I just pray that she finds Jesus because He is the ONLY ONE who can bring her peace in the time of turmoil. At 23yrs I am around the same age as her, and in being a youth pastor I see youth getting into all sorts of trouble, and some are even killing off eachother. Everybody makes mistakes and yes murder is not your everyday regular mistake, but everyone deserves a second chance and I believe that the lesson could've been learned with a lesser sentenced time or punishment. Forgiveness is key, she needs to forgive everyone that has done anything against her, and forgive herself as well, and then ask Jesus for forgiveness. I wish I knew her, I would tell her how much Jesus loves her and that He would accept her just the way she is, no matter what she has done, whether mental or not mental she is still His child and that He loves her so so very much.

  15. We all have committed wrongs in our lives. At the tender age of this young woman she will never realize her potential. and this is sad.. I'm not here to judge her and the man who lost his life had a right to live. Satan has minipulated the minds of our tender children and enticed our men to make tragic decisions. His decision destroyed not only the man who is dead, but also the child who is imprisoned, Many lives are forever impacted and their hearts are broken as well. May God have mercy on both of these souls and may his tender affection be present for those left to greive.

    A mother, a child, and a imperfect person I am

    • He was a child molester. wake up. Where was your god when that girl was being abused? So americans have the right to bear arms, but a young girl or woman cannot shoot in self defence? Wake up!!!

  16. does anyone know the address to the correctional facility that cyntoia is in? I think we should write her words of encouragement

  17. Im absolutely defending what she did….it balls down to every action has a consequence and at 15 yrs old as stated above by others…she had no idea how things work…not to mention the fact that her improper upbringing helped her irrational decisions in life very much! so as a 40+ yr old man who should know better by now…his actions reaped its consequence…just as a drunk driver goes off the road and gets killed…shouldnt have been drinking and driving…harsh sounding ..but the truth hurts…as a norm…any woman of legal age isnt going to just go to your home after meeting you at a sonic drive through..yea it just doesnt happen!! lol people wake up….he saw a young venerable girl that he could take advantage of…..yet his actions of showing her guns and proclaiming how he was good at using them scared her with her life …and young girls getting raped and killed by local upstanding citizens has happen before..so this shouldnt sound to be an exaggeration….if so you should watch more unsolved mysteries people….she did what she had to do…and as I know it…in the action that this was commited…where does 1st degree murder come in??? this was a last minute self defense situation….that man shouldve known better and shouldnt have been trying to take advantage of a 15 yr old girl..bottom line …..i think everyone who believes she has been wrongly convicted should get together and start fighting for this young girls rights ! seriously heres my email [email protected]

    • I agree with you fully mike we all need to help fight for this poor young girl what she did was wrong but she didn't have no one to turn to all her life she hasn't been able to trust nobody I ain't an expert but all she was doing was crying out for help if Allen wanted to help her he would of took her to a public place and spoke to as thats what I would of done no take her home where no one can see that paints out like her was upto something he had something to hide I don't agree with murder but if I had been through half of what she had been through I would of done the same I have been abused I let the guy who abused me go I feel like I shouldn't maybe she was wrong for killing him but when people are confused and they ain't thinking in a spur of confusion and maybe anger anyone would of done the same even if I was her mother I'd have done the same murder isn't right but he wasn't right at all what he did was robbed her childhood and I think 51years it's far too long because now not only is her childhood been robbed by a monster of abuse it's now affected her adulthood life

  18. My question is where were all the black interest and civil rights groups while this case was going on? Is there an NAACP chapter anywhere in Tennessee? I say this because I agree with many of the other posters. Given the highly controversial and complicated circumstances surrounding this case, this child should have had strong and adequate legal representation, rather than some court-appointed attorney.

    A strong defense attorney could have convinced a judge to try her as an adult, which would have been appropriate. Or even if tried as an adult, it's highly likely that a strong defense argument could have mitigated the criminal charge to negligent homicide. The NAACP Legal Defense could have, and should have, subsidized an ample defense for this young woman. Where's Al Sharpton when you need him!

  19. Ive seen the documentary twice and feel so bad for Cyntoia.I know murder is etting but I dont think she should have received no 51 years..thats crazy.

  20. I think many are overlooking a very significant fact in this case. Cyntoia was convicted not only of murdering Allen but ALSO of aggravated robbery at Allen's premises. Assuming there was sufficient evidence to prove this, then I would think this would automatically nullify her claim that her shooting of Allen was an act of self-defense. Most likely she shot him as a way of preventing him from stopping her when she stole items from the household.

    So many try to portray this young woman as an naive and innocent child, but on the basis of the responses she gave during this documentary, she was far from such. If anything she shows maturity and experience far beyond her teenage years. That said, she had to be mature enough to know that murder is an extremely serious criminal offense and that there are grave consequences to pay for committing such a crime. Like just everyone else, I think this is a very tragic case, and it is sad that such a young, beautiful, and bright young woman such as Cyntoia will most likely spend the rest of her behind bars. Nevertheless, she did commit a very heinous crime and has to pay her debt to society like anyone else.

    I think this tragedy calls attention to the larger issue of how drug abuse leads to the ruination of life. At one point of this documentary, while Cyntoia was in jail, she says that she had just cut off all of her hair because she believed that her looks was what caused her to get into the trouble she got herself into. But the truth is that she wasn't a victim of her beauty, rather she was a victim of drug abuse. Cyntoia, like her mother and many individuals who are currently incarcerated, just fell victim to the pitfalls of drugs. Sad.

    • idiot… Her manner is matter of fact, as she is traumatised and has been forced through things you cannot even comprehend, at an age when you were still living off your parents no doubt. Don't fall for the cliches and bullshit. Sad? You need to wake up.

    • Thank you Sparky48 for posting this. Most people want to see Cyntoia as a victim, which she is in a way. She is a victim of her environment. Her family background is sad,granted. But let's not ignore the facts that were not mentioned in the film. She was a juvenile delinquent. That was not her first run in with the law. She killed the man, not in self defense, but because she wanted to rob him and thought she could get away with it. Period. Did he deserve it? Maybe. Now does the girl deserve life in prison? Probably not. I believe she can be rehabilitated. But she needs to accept her responsibility in this and stop playing the victim role, blaming everyone else. Everyone needs to stop looking at this case with emotions and see it for what it is. It's true that the justice system is messed up, but if people take off those emotional glasses, they will see no self defense case here, but still the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

  21. I wonder if everyone would have been so moved by her story if she weren't so cute. Anyway, a tragic story for all involved. What's wrong with our society?

  22. I saw the documentary, and did research about her. She is going to be the subject of my presentation in criminology class.
    Why is it that our justice system was too eager to just place juveniles behind bars and trow away the key? Our justice systems sees these kids as lost cause and a danger to themselves and others. At the age where their thought of process is not fully develop. To make matters worst combine it with long term of abuse, drugs and alcohol, rapes and sex abuse with a family history of suicides and mental dysfunctions, you have here a perfect ingredients of a child or an adult that is outrage, angry that every one is failing her, low self steam, eager for acceptance, labeled, long term drug use, alcohol misused, confused and mentally disturbed. At any given time will act as walking time bomb. A reaction that will brand them for the rest of their life.
    These are the kids that are asking for help! and they just do not know how to go about it. All we know is they committed a hideous crime, as punishment, they are tried as an adult, incarcerated with out possibility of any parole. What do you think these young minds going to end up as? While behind bars they are meet with the same harsh reality? The everyday struggles of "how do you stay alive"? Is incarceration really is the deterrence to crime in this case and why 51 yrs? What ever happened to rehabilitation?
    If and when we do put them back out in the community, how are they going to survive if the only life they ever grew up with is behind bars? How are they going to survive if the community they are going to face outside is just as cruel and dangerous as the one's he or she just got out off? How exactly justice served?
    It is very sad what happened to Cyntoia, it seems like her trial is very unfair and with discrimination. I understand she killed someone, but why is her sentence that long? She will have to undergo some serious psychological evaluations and rehabilitation. And spending them 51 yrs. behind bars is not exactly the answer. She has to be strong, because it will not be easy.
    Mr. Allen is not exactly a saint man as someone proclaimed him to be. Why is he picking up a 16 year old and he is 27+ her age in the middle of the nigh and then take her back to his house and show her all those guns? Why is he found naked if he is so called a Samaritan? According to a witness, this is not the first time that Mr. Allen picked up someone and brought her back to his house and she claimed he “raped her”. How many more are there that we are not aware off?
    This is a very troubling case….Please read the whole documentary about her…..

  23. omg i am from sweden and i saw the documentary i cried so much.. can anybody plese help me to visit her?

    • Ms. Cyntoia Brown __#410593 Tennessee Prison for Women Unit 1 West, __D-49 3881 Stewarts Lane Nashville, TN 37218__


      the planetary patriot is here!

      • Toia can also recieve stamps I’m pretty sure she needs them…. thank u all for it support….. I am her biological cousin….. please pray for her as her appeal is coming soon hopefully

    • Ms. Cyntoia Brown
      #410593 Tennessee Prison for Women Unit 1 West,
      D-49 3881 Stewarts Lane Nashville, TN 37218

  24. Mr Allen is no good samaritan. He was naked with a 15yr old. I would have shot him myself if i had caught him in bed with a minor. Allen’s supporters should be ashamed of themselves!!!! Noone knows what exactly transpired that night for sure. But he was naked! So are you trying to tell me he didnt notice she looked so young. even now she looks underage 4yrs later

  25. Anthony Robertson

    Just watched the documentary about Synotia Brown. I could not believe what I was watching. A 16 year old child with a history of abuse shoots a 47 year old man who claims to help her but ends up naked in bed with the child and she consequently is found guilty and receives a sentence of 51 years.

    This is one of the biggest examples of injustice that I have ever seen in my life. What a disgrace.

  26. What an absolute joke. That poor girl was failed in every way by what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world! She should not have been tried as an adult for a start. And even if she had been an adult at the time – look at the facts! How exactly will 51 years in prison teach this girl a lesson? It is absurd. She will come out with absolutely no idea how to live in the real world. A vulnerable young girl will be released as a vulnerable old lady. I just cannot get my head around how the jury could come to that decision given all the facts and Toia's history. If anything the jury need analysing themselves because clearly they do not have a rational or reasonable mind. They should be ashamed. She need help and guidance not a life behind bars.

  27. This documentary just aired in the u.k and I think its disgusting she got 51 years isit still possible to write cyntoia?

  28. hang tough little sister you will get justice. we all know it was self defence. questions must be asked into the child rapist that picked you up. for "sex" he was in the army well we all no what most of them like to do eps to little girls eps in iraq and the stan. plus he had raped other child sex slaves before. but once more white racist amerikkka shows itself up for what it really is. as if he had been caught picking up little girls he would be in jail. under protective watch why because even nazis would stab him. yet he gets what is comin' to him for holding a little girl prisoner. but a crime because the little girl is not white. just another little black girl lost! God bless america. no! God never knew who you were. i will fight for you we all will. stay strong dont give up. we will see you free. i promise. somehow we will! the planetary patriot is here!

  29. this young lady is a child of god .she is a victIm in a society that is open to alcohol,drugs,firearms.where was the legal team from organizitions such as The NAACP?

  30. I watched the programme last night in the UK and I felt a whole range of emotion after watching it. It is a sad case of a lost young lady with nobody there to point her in the right direction. I feel very sorry for Cyntoia, she did not deserve to get 51 years, what she needed was help and support. It amazes me how the so called justice system comes to its decisions….you see people, cold blooded murderers, racist murderers get less than what Cyntoia got. I feel for her and I hope that she keeps her head up and remains strong.

  31. If Johnny Allen was such a do-gooder, why was he naked, in bed, with a 15 year old? If he wanted to help the homeless, why did he do it through picking them up as hookers? No, being shot is not what he deserved, but neither is 51 years for a 16 year old. She quite obviously has a personality disorder, with a history of fear and abuse; IMO it was an irrational act that she cannot be criminally liable for.

  32. Well this aired in the UK and I couldn’t stop crying. The system is messed up completely! If I was her I would of shot him too or did everyone expect her to wait for him to harm her first. Im sorry but 51 years is more than disgusting. If i lived near her, I would try my hardest to get her freedom because she was just a teenager, a troubled teenager! Im 18 and thinking of stepping foot in a prison makes me feel sick so god knows how shes feeling. No you should never kill anyone but come on, are you going to wait for him to kill or hurt you first. Yes she did a bad thing but the sentence she was given was terrible. The jury need to be investigated!

  33. This girl was very troubled, but it is obviously down 2 drugs n genes as you would all say, how old was she when she met he biological mother? she was brought up in a stable home she could not accept punishment from her parents as she bad mouths them at the age of 16\17.. 4yrs later she realises there the ones she should of listened 2, she couldn’t let them in very troubled teenager who felt unwanted n tried gettin attention in the wrong places, this CHILD admitted her crime my belief is this girl new wha she was doin she was angry, n pushed 2 the limit!!!! this bad man (kuttthrout) sent this CHILD out this night 2 make money scared n under pressure this girl did wha she did… maybe it was 1 way of escaping this terrible man n if 4 tha second it ment shootin this man, the only ppl that no is himself n her!!! in this documentary this girl is dead behind the eyes no emotion 4yrs later u could see the spark n life in them eyes. 51yrs is way 2 long but can we believe that she wouldn’t get out n do it again? is she just a troubled off spring??

  34. that is crazy 51yrz is worst than the death pen FREE CYNTOIA

  35. Join us on Twitter to show support – @cyntoiabrown
    You can also sign the petition online – http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/free-cyntoia-

  36. After watching and reading many reports it seems that the biggest crime is not the one that was a split second judgement from a vulnerable child, but the decision made by people who had time to analise the case. Hereditary conditions aside as I can’t be sure of the facts about that its still abundantly clear that this was a child who early years have been plagued with problems, I can’t even begin to understand how she must of felt through those years and now she’s been locked away, effectively loosing a life she never got to start. She needed warmth and help not a 51 years in a cold cell , she was 16 how anybody can call that justice? I hope things change and she gets the help she needs.

  37. i will support Cyntoia untill i die! she knows what she did was wrong but at the end of the day it's a child and you don't think, i never think and i am only 15 years old, i'm from the United kingdom, and all of my friends here think it's disgraceful of a man to do that to a young child,i am in foster care but when i was little i was moved from house to house because of my needs between the ages of 2 and 3 i got moved 15times, one of the foster carers sons took advantage of that, i was only 2 years old, he got away it! i am learning about this in R.E (crime and punishment) thing like retribution and reformation but where is cyntoias reformation chance where is her retribution chance, i know iv'e had many chances, but cyntoia has had none because adults in the court think about other adults not about children who commit crimes, the press give children bad names and all they are doing to earn the bad names is looking out for themselves which is what everyone is entitled to do. FREE CYNTOIA!! (i think we should start a national petition to free her!) poor girl!

  38. A few more weeks and we will know if she will get a re-trial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. It was not right to kill that man? HELL YEA it was. He deserved it. People who are trying to defend a pedofile and judging an 16 year old immature girl have mental issues themselves. Seriously she didn't have any other reason to kill a man than jus defending herself. Everyone has done things at the age of 16 that were stupid, and when you think about it now you realise how immature and dumb your actions were, and if you had had the mind of an adult back then, you would have acted diffrently. But you didn't, because you were still a child and unable to think like an adult! There are ^plenty of murders out there who don't get a life sentence. Giving 51 years to a child who actually jus defended herself is so wrong.She never had a chance to change her life to be better than that. That man who died deserved it. Pedofiles shouldn't have a right to live!! Glod bless you toia!!

  40. Just watched the documentary about Synotia Brown. I could not believe what I was watching. A 16 year old child with a history of abuse shoots a 47 year old man who claims to help her but ends up naked in bed with the child and she consequently is found guilty and receives a sentence of 51 years.
    That was too much time for anyone to get she was in a mental state of mind her sentence should be overturn I hope soon

  41. I pray that she may find the peace of God that passes all human understanding which is only by Jesus Christ. That is the only "correctional facility" she needs.

  42. I don't think it's fair that we only get to hear one side of the story. How do we know Johnny Allen wasn't forced to undress at gun point or wasn't stripped naked after he was shot? We don't because he was murdered. In no way am I defending the act or solicitation of prostitution, however it does not occur to me that drug addict prostitutes are required to show ID to prove their age to their clients, especially in a part of town known for prostitution. This is my opinion: They both chose poorly that day and both reaped the unfortunate consequences.
    There are plenty of people, including myself, who have turned a tragic childhood into an honest, taxpaying, productive life despite countless horrendous obstacles. Everyone has a crazy family. Some choose to "inherit" the family madness while others start moving in the right direction and don't look back. If I turned around and blamed every one for all the things that have gone wrong in my life, I'd be stuck turned around in the wrong direction. I hope many teens are influenced by this tragic story to make positive choices.

    • Thank you. I'm glad you posted this. Clearly there's only a few of us who are being objective here. My upbringing wasn't the best either, but we work with what we have to do better. Cyntoia had a good stable adopted family, but her choices, for whatever reason, lead to this. Had she been raised by her biological mother, maybe they could've been able to justify that she wasn't raised right. But that's not the case here. She was defiant, as most of us are as teenagers. She made poor choices, drugs, prostitution, crime… We live in a victimizing and blaming society. 'It's everyone else's fault. Not mine.' Cyntoia needs to take responsibility for her actions, and she hasn't fully done that yet. That self defense claim is playing victim. She shot the man from the back, intentionally, so she could rob him. Simple. Now if she can own her truth, maybe she can be rehabilitated. It's never too late to start over.

  43. I don't think it's fair that we only get to hear one side of the story. How do we know Johnny Allen wasn't forced to undress at gun point or wasn't stripped naked after he was shot? We don't because he was murdered. In no way am I defending the act or solicitation of prostitution, however it does not occur to me that drug addict prostitutes are required to show ID to prove their age to their clients, especially in a part of town known for prostitution. This is my opinion: They both chose poorly that day and both reaped the unfortunate consequences.

  44. this story touched my heart I cried through the whole thing if he was trying to help her why the hell was he naked in his bed the jury didn't even took time and look into that @Anna don't her because u were not there only toia know what happened and Mr. Allen and he cant talk for his self keep ya head up cyntoia baby I love u hunny and I have your back forever and miss Gina I love u also we all make mistakes there isn't no such thing as perfect

  45. Just facts of the case: Johnny was not honorable (in morale act). Cynotia Brown (Murdered) killed a Naked man (shot dead). Intention to commit felony theft. Received 51 years to life (Perfect). But not so perfect should received the Death Penalty. Give example to the corrupt society of USA for the past 60 years for not creating or observing or demanding or legislative moral conduct. So we have heinous crimes. And we will have more in the future hundreds of thousands. POINT BLANK (land of the free, yeah!! right for corruption and for crimes.

  46. I never known the dark side of this world, I feared for my own future as well as my group. We are young, reckless and partying all day with no IQ.
    Cynotia Brown made me realized just how lucky I am. As I was watching the video I keep ask when are people going to take responsibility for their own action? But, again who am I to judge what is right or wrong?
    I am nobody. I have no experiences either side of the story. I feel sorry for the Johnny, he fight for US and was a decent man. He is just like the rest of us with friends and family. When, He was killed a price have to be paid. Brown does need to be taught a lesson!
    Yet, I feel like I am everybody. I am just like you with family and friend. What is the point of teaching without hope? How many of us actually got to live to our 50s?
    I am troubled with both side of the stories and just like the rest of us act with ignorance if wasn’t close to me. However, I can't just wonder how I would turn out to be , if I was Cynotia. I was her age once.

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