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Dean Graziosi Real Estate Investment Center Review

Dean-GraziosiTypically I avoid reviews of sites that promise get rich quick systems by investing in real estate, but Dean Graziosi’s site had me interested. For one, you can tell he gets the concept of blogging and getting information across in a comfortable way. And if you look at the site, there is no hard sell, instead Dean and his people start by training first, then selling his systems. This is why I took the paid review for his site.

The site is a true multi-media presentation on how to buy and sell investment properties. The site offers forums, video’s by both site participants and Dean himself, lots of in depth blog posts on investment real estate, and fairly active forum for members to discuss strategies and get advice.

Typically guys who are in the business of selling books and products do a hard sell. They also buy reviews. And typically I do not accept them. But the concept here is based upon educating the consumers and I respect that a great deal.

The site is has the main section which has most of the free information. The blog is probably you best bet to learn from Dean and his team initially. It is comprised of videos, stories on how people have succeeded with his site, and tricks of the trade. Another cool section is the guest blogs where others can write posts on how they are investing in real estate.

There is a forum that members can discuss real estate investing. Some of the topics that are covered are contracts, Marketing, Taxes, Title Searching, and Buying Foreclosures.


About the only thing that I was not thrilled of with the site was that it had too much Dean all over it. He is obviously a smart guy and a great promoter. You see him on the infomercials regularly, but the Other Resources was comprised solely of reminding you what a great guy Dean is. Personally that is a little annoying. In this world of web 2.0 the site seems to do everything right, it has community and multimedia, but the focus should be more on the community and not on the promotion of Dean. Tone that down a little and my guess they would sell more product while making it a friendlier site.

Overall, Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investment Center is a solid site. There is a great deal of information offered free for the real estate investor to use. The upsell information looks to help those investing, and future investors can learn a great deal here.


  1. I will say that had I never been to that site and seen Dean's many deals that he documented and posted online I would naturally assume he was just a infomercial actor who was pushing snake oil.

    I can say their community is pretty solid and those guys are doing great over there for being new investors getting going with limited resources. They even have some people doing serious volume that hang out there. I've actually got some good tips from people who have been in the game for a matter of months, surprisingly.

    Dean Graziosi himself appears to be quite the investor. He's got a really nice portfolio and has done some seriously impressive and creative endeavors up there in New York.

    Hats off to you Dean! You seem like the only person who has tried to teach investing to the masses that isn't a fraud and actually has clients who are happy and are being successful.

    The funny thing is a relative had bought his book off TV and I told said relative they were taken without knowing anything about. Once I looked into it more so I could further chastise him, I had to eat my hat because they actually are doing good things for the new guys. I now have to save my instinctual prejudgments about infomercials and gurus until I look into them for myself. ;)

  2. Absolutely agree with Jon, excellent site and very imformative. Keep reporting to us please!

  3. My wife and i are looking into forclosed real estate investing and want to know if getting the free trial at foreclosure blog sites is worth it?I figure in 7 days I could pull down a lot of info.Has anyone ever stayed a member at http://www.foreclosurefox.com

  4. are you hired by dean? i love his site too but if you want your money back, you can forget it! which i find loathesome. $6,260 might only be a drop in his gorgeous pool but it means a HELLUVA lot to me!

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