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Dubai Investing Information

This is a paid ReviewMe site analysis of the website Dubai Property Investment, which focuses on one of the hottest real estate market in the world. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and has built it’s city from a small backwater oil town to one of the most vibrant, international cities in the world.

Dubai Property is the site of LatticeWerks, an international real estate sales and investment firm that specializes in the region. Their expertise is that they “scrutinize dozens of property investment projects sent to us by developers every month” and then  “use our investment criteria to select the developments.”


Information on Dubai

If you were interested in purchasing a property in the fast appreciating city of Dubai you would use LatticeWerks as your agent to purchase the property.

The investment site for Dubai Property is full of information on the city and region. It explains the billions of petro dollars that are being invested in such developments as The World, Dubai Sports City, and fantastic Burj A-Arab Sail shaped building.


LatticeWerks has it’s main office in London and agents that seem to cover a large territory. The company’s focus looks to be mainly on Dubai and Italy offering investment opportunities in residential real estate. From reading their website, international customers are their primary customers. Since Dubai is one of the most international cities in the world, this probably works out very well for LatticeWerks.

The Site Itself

If I could make one recommendation for the layout of the page, it would be to get rid of the small text type that fills the page. There is some great information, but if it is too small for the reader to easily read, they may lose the opportunity to make a sale. So as part of the review I would increase the font size on the page while giving links to the different properties and opportunities that Dubai Property Investment and LatticeWerks has to offer.

For anyone that is interested in getting into the real estate action of Dubai and are looking for more information, Dubai Property Investment is a good place to start. A few tweaks of the site to make it easier to navigate would make this an even better resource, but overall by visiting it I got a much better understanding of the real estate market in Dubai.

This is a paid review ordered through ReviewMe.

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  1. I think Dubai is an overseas property investment haven. Investors have flocked from worldwide to buy property in Dubai, to take a piece of the potential that the city has.

    Dubai as a location has many benefits and many attractions. The cities economy is riding high, the city, upon realizing it would not be able to support itself on oil wealth forever looked to tourism to provide a prosperous future. Huge hotels have been built, all kinds of tourists have been catered for, especially the very wealthy. Property in Dubai has benefited enormously from this.

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