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Dumb Real Estate Photography – Hide the Pot Plants
Picture used to help sell a home in Australia showing their pot plants...

Dumb Real Estate Photography – Hide the Pot Plants

Picture used to help sell a home in Australia showing their pot plants...

Picture used to help sell a home in Australia showing their pot plants…

Here is a scenario for the real estate agents in the audience:

A 28-year-old man from Henley Beach South in Adelaide was reported for cultivating cannabis after photos of his plants were noticed on a real estate website.

The plants, growing in pots, inadvertently showed up in photos used to advertise the house for sale.

Police attended the house with a search warrant and subsequently seized the cannabis plants and reported the man. via news.com.au

My question is, does the agent have any responsibility to not publish the photos of the clients pot plants or at least warn the client of possible ramifications?

And, as a follow up, what agent would take this listing??? Yikes.


  1. About 7 years ago I had an appraisal come back on a mortgage I was putting together in Virginia (I live in CA). The home was a grow house, but I had no idea until the appraisal came back. The pictures in the appraisal were pretty funny actually. Just pot everywhere. The entire office got a real kick out of seeing that appraisal. The loan didn't fund obviously. I didn't even bother sending that appraisal onto the lender. I just canned the file. Why wouldn't you take the listing in the photo though? Because of how drab the environment looks in the photo, or because there's a couple harmless pot plants? Clearly the agent doesn't know what marijuana looks like, and even if he did most people have a favorable view of pot, as they should. I would've handled it differently, but if the property has value, why wouldn't you take the listing?

  2. I don't think the agent should have taken the listing in the first place.

  3. Hi there,
    I agree with Jason ; the way those pots look to the untrained eye make it see like the owner was planting some harmless garden herbs in a pot. I myself don't know how cannabis looks like, so many people really won't notice it either. Once the legal aspect is completed, I still think the house can sell, since those pots can be moved, keeping the value of the house intact. Thoughts?

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks for the post ; I found this a bit hilarious. In the agent's defense, most people don't know how a marijuana plant looks like. In the end, I don't think it's going to affect the saleability of the house since those pots can be physically moved. This was unfortunate, but there's no-one to blame other than the home owner, who in my eyes should be dealt with by the law before being allowed to re-list his house.

  5. As a Realtor along the border of the US and Mexico, I've seen plenty of post drug tunnels and underground rooms. But I've never seen someone actually post a photo with actual plants. This is actually pretty funny.

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  7. This is fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh my goodness. I could see how this would negatively affect the sale of the house, it' understandable that a family might not want to live in a drug dealer's old house.

  9. I work in Appraisal continuing education and we actually have a course called "Even Odder – More Oddball Appraisals", people like it because it shows the most rediculous things people do to their homes. And some poor !@%#$ has to place a value on it. You wouldn't believe the mods some people would do to a mobile home.

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  11. Lol,you gotta laugh…..although we all don't know what the hell those plants look like…I first thought they were tomato plants

  12. @Tom Royce, I think the agent who posted the photo is responsible for what happened to that man who was arrested by the police. In the first place he should've told the client first the policies of their companies.On the other hand, the agent also did also good, even if it was just an accident, he had helped the police with their drug addiction campaign, and not only that he also helped the man who was arrested not to take drugs anymore because of what happened to him that day.

  13. I'm with Darren, I wouldn't have noticed it was pot plants in the photo. I am surprised the police did. I wonder if someone tipped the police off or the found it themselves.

    In Baltimore Maryland they have programs to help the police afford homes in the city. I guess you better think about that when listing a house.

  14. I agree with you Tom, these pot plants are not looking good here. It looks like the agent was trying to plant a harmful garden. Whenever a person looks for a house, he/she also looks for beautiful surroundings and it is the responsibility of the sellers to make the buyers feel pleasant, if they want to make a quick sale.

  15. In Baltimore Maryland they have applications to help the cops manage houses in the town. I think you better think about that when record a home.

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