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Evander Holyfield’s House Under Foreclosure… Again

Evander Holyfields ForeclosureEvander Holyfield’s home is massive. When you drive by it (it is not far from our house) you think it is a museum. But the cost of maintaining the home and the other expenses that the aging boxer are wearing out his resources and for the second time in a year the home is under foreclosure.

A notice published last week in the Fayette Daily News revealed the former heavyweight boxing champion is in danger of losing his 109-room Fairburn mansion. The lien holder is demanding full repayment of the original $10 million loan, with an auction scheduled for July 7 on the Fayette County Courthouse steps.

Holyfield did not return a call seeking comment.

Last June a foreclosure notice was issued for the manor at 794 Evander Holyfield Highway, but “The Real Deal” was able to strike a deal to stay in his home, which sits on 235 acres just south of the Fulton County line.

The 46-year-old Holyfield also has a second Fayette property, at 592 and 596 West Bridge Road, under foreclosure, with an original loan amount of $216,000.via ajc.com.

Having met Evander around town and heard stories, he is a good man with a big heart. But the excesses that mark a typical professional athletes life seems to leave them broke more times than not. Sure they get amazing paychecks, but they also spend at rates that would make a normal person faint. Just a little self discipline and common sense would make such a huge difference in their lives.



  1. That house is unbelievable! This guy really wanted to live in the moment.

  2. The guy was a nut to build such an ostentatious house. You could never maintain it and upkeep is awesome. New roof, pain or what ever.

    Who ever buys this need to make it a bed and breakfast to pay for itsellf.

  3. I just feel that the foreclosures across the nation are getting out of hand. My neighborhood has had several foreclosures in the past year and there lawns are now dead with weeds growing everywhere there is dirt. This does not just effect the person who lost there home but also the people in the neighborhood who are stuck next to there home.

    I was under the impression that Obama's plan was suppose to help these people keep their homes. I almost feel that the bail out on the banks has made them stingier. I feel like you can not even get a loan modification on your own now. I found the best way was to find somewhere with an on staff attorney to fight the bank for you.

    My friend recently used http://www.Carrotpeel.com and said they did a great job for him in lowering his monthly payments.

    Even though some are getting out of this mess I still feel like the banks need to be more helpful because even when a home is foreclosed the banks don't know how to turn around and sell it because they are in the banking business not in the real estate business.

  4. That is too extravagant! Of course you are going to go bankrupt if you are buying ridiculously massive homes. Do you really have enough family members to warrant all of that space.

  5. I,ll take it !!! A Bit small, but a nice vacation spot !!!!!!!

  6. Bail-Out Banker

    A Great place for a prison………

  7. Bail-Out Banker

    A Bit small………but I,ll take it for five cents on the dollar.

  8. I'm curious this story, please shoot me an email with some more information on it if you could

  9. That’s strange! What’s the need to buy such a big house if you are not able to maintain it. Even you can’t use every room of it for your living and if you don’t have a huge family then what’s the need of such a big house.

  10. If I had that kind of money I would spend it on several different houses! Instead of my whole family living in one place; I would buy immediate family their own home! A five bedroom, three bathroom, family room, living room, eat in kitchen, formal dining room, laundry room, library, two car garage, and a nice size front and back yard is a big enough house for me! Anything bigger would cost way too much money! Besides, who in the world want to clean a mansion every day (NOT ME)!? LOL

  11. That's huge, it almost looks like disneyland!

  12. good luck my friend

  13. The only question here is how come he even took out a loan, with all the money he made, why didn't he just pay the house off.

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