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Government Intrusion Forces The National Association of Home Builders To React

One of the most subservient organizations to the federal government has had enough of government regulations and is fighting back. The National Association of Home Builders has gone along with the myriad of government programs that lined the pockets of the connected and delayed the recovery of the housing industry for the past 5 years.

Now they have finally seemed to recognize that the government intrusion into the housing industry has created a crisis and home construction, a vital part of our economy, will not recover until the American families see some relief from the rampant increase in government regulation.


WASHINGTON, May 11 – Despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly support homeownership, legislative and regulatory proposals now under consideration would greatly harm home owners, home buyers, the housing market and the nation’s economy. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has launched a new website, www.ProtectHomeownership.com, to bring attention to the threats to homeownership and inspire the public to take action to protect it.

“American families aspire to homeownership because they know that it promotes stability and is critical in creating wealth and providing upward mobility and financial security for families. Equally important, homeownership supports the economy by creating jobs,” said NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Gainesville, Fla. “Government policies that negatively impact families’ ability to own a home would be devastating for home owners, the housing market and the nation’s economy.”

Tax, legislative and regulatory policies currently under consideration would scale back or eliminate the mortgage interest deduction and make mortgages and small business loans unaffordable and even more difficult to obtain. ProtectHomesownership.com explains some of these threats and documents homeownership’s importance to individual households and to local, state and national economies through an FAQ, poll data, economic analysis and reports.

The site also provides multiple ways for the public to take positive action to protect this very important aspect of American life. These include an online petition urging policymakers to keep housing a national priority, information about how to participate in homeownership rallies that are being held in a number of communities in 2012, and links to social media communities on Facebook.com/ProtectHomeownership and Twitter.com/4Homeownership.

“New home construction spurs productivity, creates jobs for millions of Americans and generates revenues for all levels of government,” said Rutenberg. “This website will help educate the public about the imminent threats to the American Dream of homeownership and empower them to make sure their voices are heard.”


  1. Wow I have not seen this widely reported, thank you for posting. Regulation is such a tricky thing.

  2. This is something to share with out clients!!!

  3. I think everyone has to check on the site to further know about it. And this is something that has to share with everyone.

  4. This would abosultely kill our industry. We need to fight to keep our interest deductions for owning homes. Real estate is on the rebound, but this would kill any chances we have of climbing out of the hole.

  5. Good to see someone fighting back and trying to do something. From a residential perspective, FHA loans are still being pushed and potential buyers are finding ways to work around the minimum down payment requirement. The same unscrupulous lending tactics that got us into this mess are still being used.

    The government really needs to separate itself from the personal finances of its citizens.

  6. Well it's about time! I'm glad that the American Home builders Association is realizing that the government regulators don't always have their best interest in mind.

  7. Good thing the NAHB has fought back. This will greatly affect the real estate industry and will eventually cause a ripple effect to threaten the economy. Enough of these regulations.

    StagingWorks Website

  8. Nice work National Association of Home Builders! It's good to see someone take initiative and educate the public about the negative government intervention in the housing market.

  9. Thanks for the post! Government does not always do right, so when changes are needed to be made the people need to stand behind their cause.

  10. I really appreciate what the protecthomeownership.com site is trying to do. I signed the petition myself, and have passed it on to my colleagues. If you are reading this, please do the same: Here is the link: http://www.protecthomeownership.com/form.aspx?for

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  12. Nice move National Association of Home Builders! The government should refrain from intervening in the affairs of private enterprises especially the housing market.

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  15. Time For A Change The Government Needs To Stop This!!!!!

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  17. Correct this will kill any chances that real estate will regain the rebound.

  18. Regulation is a double-edged sword. By attempting to save people from the despair caused by a foreclosure, then inadvertently harm some families who really need to get the thumbs up for a mortgage. It's not all good, but it's definitely not all bad. That's our 10c worth, what do you think?

  19. Nice blog post. I leaned some good thing from your article.

  20. Really appreciate NAHB on your hard work. It helps us a lot. We should support NAHB for them to continue what they had started.

  21. One way or another its the governments way to protect the right of the people, to protect the real estate business and to keep this type of business grow clean.

  22. When does it stop? We programs that help people achieve the dream of home ownership, not programs that hurt it. Thank you for the information.

  23. I see lots of debate about this, but honestly I defer to the NAHB for expertise. Politicians just want a talking point or a sound byte and don't really have the best interest of the American People at heart.

  24. It's about time they woke up and smelled the coffee. What's the point of a housing organization if the someone else keeps poking their nose into the association's business.

  25. It is unfortunate that the same lending tactics are still being used…hopefully things will shape up soon, right?
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  26. One way or another its the governments way to protect the right of the people, to protect the real estate business and to keep this type of business grow clean.

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