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Illegal Immigrants Can Legally Purchase a Home

Mortgage-illegalSo we turn a blind eye to the estimated 10 to 12 Million illegal immigrants in the country, but do we really want to make it easy for them to purchase a home? Reading this article on Builder Online, the answer is already yes and odds are we are going to see more and more illegal aliens become landowners.

So if an illegal immigrant is deported, do they get to keep the home? If property is acquired in the commission of a crime, ie illegal entry in the country, does the assets from such crime go to the government? The Law of Unintended Consequences may apply when these illegal immigrants purchase homes if the will of the people changes.

Certain lenders don’t ask for immigration papers. And buyers using a special tax ID often don’t need a lengthy credit history.
That has allowed many undocumented workers to realize the American Dream, experts said, while contributing to an upturn in the real estate market.
For Jorge and Maribel, a couple from Mexico who have lived illegally in Houston since 1996, an Individual Tax Identification Number, known as an ITIN, and a Texas driver’s license were enough to secure their mortgage, allowing them to purchase a home in 2002.
“I was really surprised when I found out that it could be done,” said Jorge, who bought his home through Gloria Castrejon’s realty firm, La Palma.  Via Builders Online.

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  1. you can blame the us gov't for that. americans are so stupid!!! americans should rename the USA to USM (united states of mexico)

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