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Instructions For Your St. Joseph Statue and Selling Your Home

St Joseph helps sell homesWhen homes are slow in selling, St. Joseph makes an appearance somewhere in America’s front lawn helping to provide divine support. Even I used the ubiquitous statue during a particularly slow period when I was selling my last home. And it did sell shortly after we buried the statue.

Since the slowdown in real estate sales has happened, sales of the statues have taken off. I figured I would be of help and offer some advice and directions on the burial of the St. Joseph statues.

Directions for burying a St. Joseph Statue:

  • Dig a hole near your For Sale sign by the street approximately 3 inches deeper than the statue. If you have no yard, use a large plant pot.
  • Place the St. Joseph statue facing the street in the hole.
  • When covering the statue, prayers should be said. They are very often included in the packaging. I have the prayer at the end of this post past the jump.
  • Once you have sold you home, remove the statue and place in your new home.

And there you go. Again, many will scoff at the use of the statue but when the market is slow and you are a believer, it can not hurt.


O, Saint Joseph,
you who taught our Lord
the carpenter's trade,
and saw to it
that he was always properly housed,
hear my earnest plea.

I want you to help me now
as you helped your foster-child Jesus,
and as you have helped many others
in the matter of housing.

I wish to sell this [house/property]
quickly, easily, and profitably
and I implore you to grant my wish
by bringing me a good buyer,
one who is
      eager, compliant, and honest,
and by letting nothing impede the
      rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph,
I know you would do this for me
out of the goodness of your heart
and in your own good time,
but my need is very great now
and so I must make you hurry
on my behalf.

Saint Joseph, I am going to place you
in a difficult position
with your head in darkness
and you will suffer as our Lord suffered,
until this [house/property] is sold.

Then, Saint Joseph, i swear
before the cross and God Almighty,
that i will redeem you
and you will receive my gratitude
and a place of honour in my home.

via Lucky Mojo

If you are interested in buying a St. Joseph Home Seller Statue Kit , this link has all that you need for a low price from Amazon.

Good luck selling your house, and if you have a success story, please leave a comment below!


  1. We also buried the statue of St. Joseph in our front yard upside down and still in the box that was provided when we bought him. I purchased St. Joseph at a Christian Store. The lady there asked if I was selling my house I said yes and she wished me good luck. I placed St. Joseph near the for sale sign in our front yard facing the house. I said a prayer not knowing there was another prayer to be said. My prayer was from the heart and my belief in God and all he means helped me tremendously. Within two months we had a buyer and we close next week. We have been truly blessed as all of us are truly blessed. We prayed a lot and our faith in our Lord we over came. Believe and it will happen. Good Luck and Keep The Faith

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