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Jane Seymour Selling Malibu Home for 15 Million

SeymourActress Jane Seymour and her director husband James Keach are selling a spec house in Malibu forĀ 15 million dollars. They bought the home for 4.5 million dollars 2 years ago and made some renovations on it.

But the question that I raise today is this: Is the price bump a celebrity can charge for a home predicated on their Q rating? Seriously, she has not even lived in the home and now is looking to command top dollar so someone can say they bought a home from Jane Seymour. A home she has not even slept in?

Thank god for the greater fool theory.

Actress Jane Seymour is seeking $14.9 million for a Malibu, Calif., villa she bought 2 1/2 years ago, renovated extensively, but never lived in.
She and her husband, actor and director James Keach, say they bought the 1953 house for $4.5 million two years ago from Mr. Keach’s brother, the actor Stacy Keach, who had owned it for 25 years. Ms. Seymour and her husband gutted and began to renovate the house and listed it in February for $16 million, a broker with the listing agent says. After finishing the house in May, they cut the price last month.
The 9,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style villa sits atop a gated, six-acre knoll overlooking the Pacific Ocean that once served as a Coast Guard lookout station during World War II. The seven-bedroom, six-bathroom house features a screening room, gym and 3,000 square feet of wrap-around balconies, which were added during the $5 million renovation. The property also includes a three-car garage, pool with pool house, and a two-bedroom guest house, which Ms. Seymour said could be redeveloped separately and sold off. Irene Dazzan-Palmer of Coldwell Banker Previews has the listing.

via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

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