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Japanese Billionaire Kawamoto renting 8 Luxury Homes to Low Income Families for 150 Dollars a Month

HawaiiwaterfronthomeReal Estate tycoon Genshiro Kawamoto has decided to rent out 8 of  his luxury waterfront homes on the Hawaii Island of Oahu for 150 dollars a month to low income families. The homes have been bought up over the past couple of years and are now sitting empty. Kawamoto is planning on putting a museum in 4 of the 20 homes that are part of this block of homes.

What do you think of this? I think it is pretty cool and a great opportunity for these families.

The low-income families could move into the furnished Kahala Avenue homes, purchased in 2005 for up to $3.4m each, as soon as this weekend. “They will be living in heaven now,” said Genshiro Kawamoto, 75, a real estate tycoon. Among Mr Kawamoto’s four rental homes is one with five bedrooms. The 603 square metre (6,489 sq ft) home was built in 1989 and is more than three times bigger than the average house on Oahu. Mr Kawamoto bought it in August 2005 for $3.4m.

The families were selected from 3,000 people who wrote him in response to his plan announced in October to rent to low-income Hawaiians. Mr Kawamoto said it was difficult to choose families because there was so much interest. He expects to select four more tenant families as early as next month.

He said he was renting the homes “because the affluent people can help the least fortunate people”. Mr Kawamoto has spent about $115m to purchase 20 homes on Kahala Avenue since 2002. Many of the houses have been vacant since then.via Guardian Unlimited.


  1. It's a fantastic and generous gesture. I hope for his sake that the fortunate families take good care of this gift.

  2. I have worked with this segment for many years as a non-profit executive, and also today as a salesman of used mobile homes. I have a feeling that this good deed is going to bite him down the line. Fortunately it appears that he can afford to take the financial hit.

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  4. I'm stunned! Existing home sales data is in and blows away expectations. Is the bust over? http://infohype.blogspot.com

  5. Wow, where can I rent that house for a month?

  6. Qoute"Kevin – WA // Mar 22, 2007 at 10:18 am

    I have worked with this segment for many years as a non-profit executive, and also today as a salesman of used mobile homes. I have a feeling that this good deed is going to bite him down the line. Fortunately it appears that he can afford to take the financial hit."

    Well its sad that some people will only do stuff if it reaps a finacial gain. I dont belive his intentions were to make a profit off this and perhaps he is just doing this out of the kindness of his heart to help the needy. He is thankful for his great life he has and is sharing it with others instead of being gready and only worring if its gonna be a profit gain or a finacial loss. We need more people like him in the world .. perhaps it would be a better place and people would get along better.

  7. I hope i have the ability to do the same!

  8. please help me before my house and lot is foreclosed. My family and I will be living in the streets if before October 2007 I can’t pay the mortgage total equivalent to $25,000. please help me, I am old widow and unemployed. I am from the Philippines. I am very poor. I already wrote to Mr. Genshiro Kawamoto requesting for help. Please help me and my family. you can reach me through my email add. thank you and God bless us always.

  9. In God’s help I would like to reach Mr. Genshiro Kawamoto. Please help me before my house and lot is foreclosed. Please, please, please. God bless you.

  10. please help me please, i need everything, money, car, vacation, home, i have not been on a vacation in 20 years, lived @ 1 place for 27 years and owner want her place back, got sick and have major medical bills!!!! please email or write po box 25029 washington, dc 20027

  11. Mr.Kawamoto, If you happen to run across this comment, you purchased our family home approximately 15-20 years ago and stated that if we ever wanted to buy it back from you we could. My family has suffered many unfortunate losses over the years, we would be VERY interested in working something out with you with regards to buying our home back. Please contact me @ the following address : PO BOX 6858 Ocean View, HI 96737 Mahalo & A Hui Hou

  12. I need financial help and I found your web site and read all the things you are doing to help other’s and I thought that may be you could help me and my family. My husband is disabled and my sister lives with us and she can not find a job I think it’s because of her age. Any thing you can do will help us. We only have one income that is my husband’s check from the state of 640.00 a month.

  13. I am a 25 year old asian girl that hasn’t been able to smile for over 10 years.Why? I have alot of missing teeth. For as long as i could remember I have put my name down on the Australian governments dental list to get free treatment but they never replied.I went in 3-4 years later after no reply and they said they couldn’t find my name.I then put my name on the list again and still they haven’t called me.After reading what you have done for those less fortunate,i want to beg you for your help.Please help me pay my dental fees so I can smile once again.I cry alot.There’s not one day that goes by that I look into the mirror and feel all embarrassed.. People won’t employ me just because i have no teeth and can’t smile.I wish with all my might someone would help make my dreams come true!!!

  14. Anyone have Kawamoto's address? My son is adopted and of Hawaiian ancestry. Our family is a motley crew of colors and races. We are not desperately poor, but know how to maintain property well.

    My son is very talented in some areas such as photography and luthiery. He's very hardworking, too.

    We have another adopted daughter who is dark-skinned and of Japanese ancestry, as I am.

    We can certainly fit the "color" criteria…. :)

  15. my husband and i is able to up keep your property and the maintenance of your property.my husband is a landscaper and i am a housecleaner. we are not native hawaiians but we're both born in hawaii. husband is 48 and i is 51. the community will never have to complain about how your property looks.both of us were homeless before and worked real hard to get out of homelessness. thank you for your time.

  16. Wendymay Cameron

    Dear,Mr Kawamoto, my name is Wendymay Cameron I live in Phoenix Arizona, with my 70 year old mother and my to young great newphews one who is disabled. Me and my mother are disabled,and recieve limited income. My parents have been separated for a long time,but my father helps us buy paying our rent. We have a four bedroom house and pay about 820.00 dollars a month. I just found out on July, 24th that my father is dying of cancer and is losing his battle fast, Me and my mom and newphews and our three small dogs, will have to move. We cant afford the cost of moving and the price of our house. I was hoping that you or maybe you new someone who could help me and my family. We dont have a lot of people who can help us and the worry and stress is making us both sick. thank you for listening and if you can help. If you cant that is alright and I thank you anyway. May God Bless You Always… Love, Wendymay

  17. Well even if he wants to rent it to low-income families and to help them it's still a huge money that Mr. Kawamoto will receive by pay day.

  18. Does anyone know how to contact Mr.Kawamoto?

  19. God Bless him for such a great heart. I wish we had someone where I live that would be that generous. I am 55 and me and my daughter,her husband to be ,granddaughter, and his mother live in Ohio and there is no work and we were all wanting to move to Florida so they could find work. His mother and I are on social security disability and we are going with them to help out financialy. We have low income they cant find jobs and we are desperate. We dont even know the first step to make this move or even if we will have enough money to even do it. So God Bless you Mr. Kawamoto for what you have done for these people because I know how scared and depressed they were before they were blessed with this oppertunity becauseI am there. God will realy bless you for your heart.

  20. Dear Kawamoto I saw you last year in December on a TV program. I was left speechless, I did not think there are still such people who want to help others. Since then I try to get in touch with you. My name is John (Ivan), I have 24 years, and I live in Croatia. Till now I've changed more than 15 companies. I just can not stand in one place, always due to redundancy among the first to get fired because I'm new. I have a lot of credit and debt. And despite all this I try to open the firm to stand on its feet, to manage their lives, but always something I fell to the bottom.

    In addition, with the girl I was about 3 years in relationship .. and she is the reason why you are addressing. They had five at home, and only she was employed. They have a mortgage on the house, and twice had already arrived warning before enforcement. Her father works for 9 months but not getting paid. Its revenues that are really too small and very skormna the only one who held a house, pay the mortgage and bring food on the table. I help her as much as I can, but I'm in a similar situation. And she was at the end of power (both physically and mentally languishing)

    Hereby I wish to ask if we can borrow money to open a company and went to work to help myself and my girlfriend. And I believe that I could help me and others stand on its feet, it was my way of repaying you. The money that you gave me I'd invested, and then instead I get back your money, with that money I would help other families. Because there are a lot of us in the country who need help.

    Please. Do not refuse me and not even read and do not consider. And when you read, please let me know where I'm at. I expect the day will occur.


    John (Ivan) Ara?i?

  21. I think that anyone who thinks this man will get "bit" later for doing these acts of kindness without any thought of himself or profit just doesn't get the picture, nor do they understand the Golden Rules of REAPING AND SOwing. Mr. Kawamoto has blessed many single mothers and their children by what he has done. and for SURE that Kharma will come back to him in a GOOD measure.

  22. Hi there..My name is Sara Faapouli. I was on the internet just a while ago looking for a low-income house, and i stumbled across this website..I dont know if this was gods plan for me to find this page, but im glad that i did.. I am actually 40 years of age. Married to my husband for 23 years and been together for 25 years. I am a mother of 11 kids, and i am a housewife. My husband does not work anymore, i have 6 kids who are still in school, 3 who are working, but their income is low and its hard to stretch the money to pay our bills, buy the food, and get what my kids want and need. So its really hard knowing that me and my husband cant be able to provide for our family, but we are praying to god everyday to help us stay in the house we are currently residing in. Even though its old, we are happy to have a house, but its just that we dont want to be forced out.. And so this is a given oppurtunity that i am really hoping will help me and my family out.. I know that you have a big heart, because you choose to help other families in need, and knowing thats the kind of person you are, it has blessed me already. And so, wether you choose to help us or not. As long as you read this, now i know that you have read about my life and what my family and i go through.. So thankyou for everything and taking the time to read this.. and god bless you for your kind heart.

  23. Yvonne Gonsalves

    My grandmother was Mrs. Kawamoto. Her father brought her from Japan when she was just an infant. She was raised by a Hawaiian family and when her father returned from Japan he told the Hawaiian family that he had to leave her here because he had other children in Japan, Hiroshima, to take care of but will be back soon to take her. The war broke out and Hiroshima was bombed. My grandmother never again heard from her father or family. The Hawaiian family raised her up as their own. She learned the Hawaiian language and spoke fluent Hawaiian. If you looked at her she looked so beautiful, like a Japanese doll. Long black hair and a heart like gold. I loved my grandmother very much and often wonder about her family. I have never been to Japan and felt that perhaps no one of her family survived. When I saw your name, the same as my grandmother, I was a bite embarass at first to write this note but being that she has already passed away and I have only good memories of her, I thought I'd share this with you. And most of all, thank you for being so kind to our Hawaiian people. I too am part hawaiian and part Japanese. God Bless your kindness.

  24. Hi Sir Kawamoto , this is about an problem that i have, my name is Mervin S Danies, i'm looking if mr Kawamoto can paid my Home for so i can live an better life, the problem is the paidment of my house, is about $ 64.000 dollar. my income is not so good. im worry about this, i sent this email thinking i can receive an help for this problem, i live in Aruba or go website aruba.com you can see my Island in the caribbean. and i finish with an good blessing for Mr Kawamoto. an have an nice day.

  25. Hi Kawamoto im Mervin Danies from Aruba and i thanks you for this for the people, i want to paid so low price for my home to, God bless you and you family

  26. Hi I'm a single mother with five children I've been living in the salvation army transitional home for 2 years now and been homeless for 5 years prior to that. i think that what Mr.kawamoto has done for these families is wonderful such a loving gesture for families who would probally never get that chance in their lives! you re a great man and if ever you do this again please contact me through email at [email protected] Once agai you're truly a blessing! Mahalo

  27. mr kawamoto, I am asking for some help with my 2 children. I goe tvery sick and was hsopitalized for months and now can no longer afford to send them to the school they were atending. I am asking if you wold like to help and sponsor my children so they can finish high school. please contact me so I can tellyou about us and the work that we do for our community. We are good people and just need a little hlep. We do so much for our community and we will continue to elp in our communtty,.we just need a little help our self. arigato angela

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