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Johnny Cash’s Home Sold to Barry Gibb

JcashIt is amazing how weird the world can be. The mere fact that Johnny Cash’s estate is selling his home to another singer makes perfect sense. The fact that the singer is Barry Gibb, leader of the Bee Gees, makes it down right weird.

You have to think that Johnny Cash was a man’s man when it came to singing. Seriously, he had it and made a guy feel good about himself. Now that same home is being owned by Barry Gibb. The Bee Gees. The band that makes any non metrosexual cringe. Even those living in the disco era deny any knowledge of the band. And now Barry Gibb will be sleeping where Johnny Gibb did.

That is just wrong.

Bee_geesThe Tennessee house where Johnny Cash lived for 35 years has sold to singer-songwriter Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.
Mr. Gibb and his wife, Linda, paid $2.3 million for the property, according to Robert Sullivan, an attorney who sold the site on behalf of the estate. The 4.6-acre property — in the town of Hendersonville, about 15 miles north of Nashville — includes a pool as well as the seven-bedroom, lakefront home with five full bathrooms. The property first went on the market in June 2005 with an asking price of $2.9 million, later cut to $2.5 million. Tommy Cash, the singer’s surviving brother and a real-estate agent with Crye-Leike Realtors in Hendersonville, had the listing and says the sale included several antique furnishings, such as the couple’s bed.
In 1968, Mr. Cash, who was moving back to Nashville from Los Angeles, came across the home while it was under construction and asked the builder if he could buy it, according to Tommy Cash. The builder outfitted it according to the singer’s wishes. Johnny Cash wrote many of his songs at the house, the only property he and his wife, June Carter Cash, ever shared. The property served as the Cashes’ main home up until the death of Mrs. Cash from heart-surgery complications in 2003. Her husband died from complications from diabetes resulting in respiratory failure four months later. (The makers of the 2005 Cash biopic “Walk the Line” substituted another house, which played an important part in the movie.)

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Update: Click here for more information on the fire that destroyed Johnny Cash’s Nashville Home.


  1. Spoken like a real ingnoramous! The fact that Barry Gibb bought the house of a "man" is a propos as many "female" fans can tell you..Barry was no slouch in the bedroom..I doubt Mister Cash could have had te energy to follow him…on any day…as his life can attest since meeting Lovely Linda & the hordes of fans…who still follow him everywhere he goes..not little old ladies but young 16 year old girls. who can spot "sex on his forehead" he still has tons of charm. Linda and 5 kids later not to mention grandkids are proof positive he is a "man" a real one! As for the rest of the Gibb, well ask any of their fans.. Barry has more sex appeal than any man in the business! He has nothing to prove to you, in the future please do a bit of research before you open your big mouth on a subject!

  2. Who is the indolent simpleton that wrote the article about Barry Gibb? Johhny Cash was a fine singer and songwiter, but Barry Gibb is the most prolific songwiter of the modern era. Barry is working on a country album there will probably be a stampede to record most of the tracks. Whilst we are on the subject let us not forget the album he wrote and produced for Kenny Rogers. The crictics are just jealous men of straw, who snipe at genius, mongrel underlings nothing more.

  3. Johnny Cash was the man! God Bless you.

  4. What a dork, buys the thing and burns it to the ground. Hes going to preserve the foundation. How sweet. Why doesnt he just sell it to someone who can take care of it. Too late now.

  5. Are you kidding me? Barry Gibb was and is one of the sexist men alive! His brother, Andy, who looked just like him was also extremely sexy and talented. When I was 8, I had pictures of him and Barry all over my walls, and at 39, I still think the Barry was and is hot, as well as millions (yes, I said millions) of other women of all ages. Besides, Barry Gibb is an extremely gifted songwriter and musician. Women passed out at the sound of that incredible falsetto. He has composed more songs than any songwriter to date, many written in one night or even 15 minutes. Don't hate him because he's beautiful. It never went to his head-always a respectable family man. All of you "dorks" who want to put him down are just jealous-simple and sweet-you wish you have what he had under those pants. Hah!

  6. Music and song transcent all. The collection of vinyl and CDs that fill my shelves cover all kinds of music. Included in my varied collection are Johnny Cash and, you bet, the Bee Gees. This world is full of talent whether or not we appreciate it. Let us all be kinder and tolerant toward those differences. As one is not better than the other, simply preferred. What a compliment it is to Nashville that Barry Gibb would want to live there. Let us not forget southern hospitality.

  7. johny is the man,i always love his music,he is loved in norway

    From Cash fan Tor Olestad Norway

  8. Who gives a damn if he is sexy. If you want to have sex with him, I guess all you sluts have to do it in the ashes now. The damn house is burnt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't you whoes figure this part out.

  9. Oh dear,seems Mr Tom Royce doesn't have a clue about music – the fact that he would attempt to denigrate the credentials of one Barry Gibb is evidence of that.Mr Gibb is,was,and always will be respected within the music industry for his songwriting – which has been covered by the liked of Conway Twitty,Gram Parsons,Elvis Pressley,Glen Campbell,Roy Orbison and Dolly Parton,just to name a few – and had been friends with Mr Cash and his wife for a number of years prior to the death of Mr Cash.Very much respected by those who matter and have relevancy in life,unlike yourself.

    Me thinks Tom Royce needs to go and actually brush up on his musical knowledge,because it's obviously severely lacking.

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