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Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta Gets Lease Deal For Movie Studio with EUE/Screen Gems

For those living in Atlanta, you may have noticed that there has been a revival in the film industry over the past few years. Film crews have been active throughout the city. With generous tax breaks and a low cost environment, Atlanta has been a welcome target for film makers and studios.

LakewoodThat reputation now has been cemented with a new landmark deal. EUE/Screen Gems has signed a 50 year lease with the city of Atlanta to take over the old Lakewood Fairgrounds and turn it into a major studio. The 30 acre property will provide nearly 1,000 jobs for the community. It’s location between downtown Atlanta and the worlds largest airport, Hartsfield Jackson, is a perfect location for the studio providing easy access for those traveling from out of state. 

Now let’s hope that the city of Atlanta and state of Georgia, which have always had a contentious relationship, stays on the same page with the tax breaks. Now matter how great the facility is, if it is not cost effective to film here, it will not be used.

“I believe this is a very important step the council took,” the mayor said. “This transaction will move Atlanta among the top five cities in the U.S. in terms of having motion pictures made. And it will create several hundred jobs.”

Once the Lakewood studio is up and running, every television and movie sound stage in the city will be in use, Reed said.

EUE/Screen Gems will utilize about 30 acres of the fairgrounds and the fairground’s Spanish Mission Revival exhibition halls and convert them into sound studios, according to the agreement. Some 40,000 square feet of new sound stages will accommodate television, commercial, digital and film productions.


  1. Hoping that I get a oppertunity to work with EUE, I live off Lakewood and Payor Road, I am now working with US Census Bureau as a Regional Tech in the Adminastration And payroll Department, The job will be over in September of 2010, I am not looking to be in the unemployement line just need a little even at entry level.


  2. I hope i get a chance to work with EUE screen gems. When i seen that you were buying the fair grounds i knew this was the place for me, i am a professional painter and specialize in sheet rock i have been in this buisness for 14yrs. Thanks From Sherry

  3. It.s been a long time coming, for something to become of the Fairgrounds. I would like to thank EUE screen gems, just knowingthat serval 1,000 of jobs will be coming to the Atlanta area, I,m looking forward to try a chance of becoming part of the team. Thanks Bridget.

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