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Million Dollar Listing Star Josh Flagg Arrested For Art Theft

Josh-Flagg-Million-Dollar-ListingAs Bravo rolls out their second season of “Million Dollar Listing” they are facing a bit of a problem. One of the stars of the series has been arrested on charges he has stolen some very expensive pieces of art.

Josh Flagg, the star of next season’s Bravo show, “Million Dollar Listing,” may be the victim of one of the oldest proverbs in the world. But in his case, a picture may be worth a thousand days in the slammer.

Josh’s day job is an estate broker — selling expensive stuff that dead rich folks owned. Josh was arrested for allegedly stealing ridiculously expensive art that was part of the estates he was handling, including Picassos and Chagalls. via TMZ

I wonder if the pressure of trying to maintain the illusion of success while waiting for “Million Dollar Listing” was too much for young guy. When the homes did not sell and the money stopped rolling in, did he panic and not want to seem like a failure? These shows typically are filmed far in advance and in the downtime can be dangerous for young professionals in a volatile market.

Season 2 revolves instead around three agents: Chad Rogers, Josh Flagg and the lone holdover from Season 1, Madison Hildebrand. None of them are over 30, and all are as focused on landing the next deal as they are with themselves. Mr. Rogers spends an inordinate amount of time on his hair and is given to making statements like, “I have a gorgeous girlfriend because image is everything in real estate.” via NYTimes.com

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that a photographer took picture of the stolen loot hanging in Josh’s house. His lawyer explains that it is past the statute of limitations so there is nothing any one can do.


  1. Josh is gay..I think that they sowed him on tv hanging out with some other gays.. anyway he's not talking about but he's not hiding anything.

    Madison is gay..

    Chad..he's a idiot.. probably Chad and Josh had some kind of the relationship before so that's why they hate each other.. the time will tell.

  2. I LOVE Josh. He is sooooo hottt! I hope this show continues on the air. Also, you can tell that he loves and respects his grandmother very much. :-)

  3. Chad you are truly superficial. Making statements such as: gf is gorgeous because in real estate it's all about image? Wowww… so sad. Madison is gorgeous, really laid back, too bad he's gay. :-(

    • I don’t think Maddison being Gay is a Bad thing bevhills, I think you need to see a shrink you have a problem with homophobia.

      Maddison is loyal and dedicated to his agency and I love him for it as well other than his homosexuality Don’t Judge him for it bevhills I don’t think GOD placed you on this is earth to be perfect did he? so don’t go and Judge Maddison because he is Gay…OMG…get over yourself girl I think you are too infatuated with pretty boys really…

      You Go Hard Maddison I think you are Cool and charming to watch as well.


  4. Really? I couldn't believe it that a million dollar star arrested for just an art theft. Maybe I assumed that he might be in a dangerous drugs and this is the reason why he did thing unbelievable things.

  5. I find it hard to believe that these guys are as successful as the show makes them out to be. They are selling homes in one of the worst real estate markets in the nation.

  6. 1- the guy has cutthroat skills – he would have succeeded (or been shot down) anway;

    2- all other things being equal, starting right off with a couple million $$ from dad/mum is sure no impediment to succeed in your trade much, much faster than starting from scratch;

    3- is sheer Darwinism, like it or not. Period.

  7. I think the show sooo cool and as for josh thing with the law f it and shit. Happen and its hard times .so I ain’t mad handle it . Josh and madison u guy rock and chad ur gay and a little girl too I’m out

  8. I love season 4….Glad that Chad is gone.

    • If it weren't for Josh and Madison I would not EVEN care to watch the show! This new Josh guy…UGH!!! He seems so pretentious..and um..I just could care less for him! Chad..well I would like to have seen how the end played out with him and his girlfriend…after he treated her with such disrespect Publicly …I think she finally said..ok..first the dog thing..now this..and she was gone..whatever..GOOD for her! He has a whole lotta growing up to do … still!!
      Madison look sthe best he ever has..this season..I like the way he handles himself..in every situation…..thus far! He may be Bi – or whatever..I think he is ultimately the best catch for whoever..He is sober for one thing..and seems most grounded.

  9. I love Josh he is so funny! The guy is a real kook , but you gotta love him. Born and raised with all that money can buy , a guy is bound to be a bit eccentric. The Grandmother has clearly brought something to the table where Josh is concerned , she has educated him on all that it takes to be a survivor. Madison is just a really nice guy. Very friendly and sweet , love him. I liked Chad in the sense that he was very amusing. The guy is really in love with himself. Then there is the girlfriend and the cute little dog Starla , and all that bit with the attorney , drawing the papers up for custody in the event that the two should ever split up. OMG , how funny is that. The people on these things who get so upset with the show , need to chill , it's for enjoyment , don't watch it if you don't like it!

  10. Love the show . Will watch it ever week .

  11. First of all, to commenter "Freak" who called Chad "a idiot"… um, no comment on your grammar.

    Secondly, anyone who is an agent knows that the Real Estate Board will revoke your RE license if theft of a felonious nature has occurred, regardless of what the law says in terms of statute of limitations. Either it's not true about Flagg stealing the art, or his family sure has some pull within the confines of the RE Board.

  12. I really enjoy the show I’m into real estate myself, good to see the higher end of RE. Josh Flagg’s being gay was a disappointment, check out Romans in the Bible it’s an abomination to GOD, just kepping it real, most people know this but ignore this, are we asleep. Well GOD is not.

    • Seriously???
      Tana- you have got to be kidding about judging those who do not impact you and your life. GOD help you if you have a close relative or even a child who is gay, The fear of God will not "cure" them! God loves, so try following that preaching first…I guess you don't think a loving, gay couple should receive benefits and the ability to marry?!?(think about that logic and fairness).
      Oh, yea, this is an entertaining show, you should stop watching things which have ideologies associated those you do not beleive- good luck finding anything outside FOXNEWS that you could enjoy peacefully! I am a very loving and open-minded follower of God, who has not been shunned by HIM. Get a clue, please, we can all get along and love each other for who we are. Judgement will come to each of us when we die…Don't think you have the authority to judge and tell others what they need to beleive in!!! Biggot comes to mind!!!

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