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Most Expensive Listing Ever in New York – 80 Million Dollar Hamptons Property

NYMostExpensivelistingThe most expensive property ever listed in New York has come on the market in the Hamptons. With an 80 million dollar price tag I do not think that they will be doing Sunday open houses.

The property is has over 55 acres and has many buildings throughout it. The property is located in North Haven, adjacent to the world famous Hamptons and is owned by a former presidential appointee. Click here to view the listing.

And if you want to do this deal no money down, you can get into the property for ony $479,640 a month. What a bargain.

Located in North Haven, the land includes 3,000 feet of water frontage on Shelter Island Sound. There’s a protected deep-water lagoon with a dredged entrance, two large deepwater docks, a long, sandy beach and a saltwater pond.
There are several outbuildings and two residences (both featuring expansive water views to the east) at the end of separate long, winding driveways.
Neighbors in the ‘hood include Richard Gere, Jimmy Buffett and Nicole Miller.
“This property is really is the last of its kind in the Hamptons – a real boater’s paradise,” says Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Dolly Lenz, who would only describe her client as a former presidential appointee. via the New York Post

Hat tip to the Luxist.

Update: The listing agent, Dolly Lenz, has one impressive list of properties. Could you believe this home is not her highest price listing? Check out her properties here.

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