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Nicolas Cage Buys Haunted Mansion in New Orleans French Quarter

Lalaurie_House_Nick_CageActor Nick Cage has bought a landmark New Orleans French Quarter property right up the street from the new home of Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie according to the website Big Time Listings. The Lalaurie House in New Orleans has had a checkered past and according to Wikopedia is considered the most haunted property in all of New Orleans.

And now Nicolas Cage is the proud owner of it through his Hancock Park Real Estate Company that has bought other properties in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Lalaurie Mansion is reported to be the sight of sadistic acts committed upon their household servants and slaves by Delphine LaLaurie in the 1830’s. These spirits have been haunting the property over the past 100 years according to local reports, so we wish Nicolas Cage all the best when he is visiting. Of course, that may have been the attraction for him as he has previously bought another New Orleans property in the Garden District from noted horror writer Anne Rice.


  1. i find it fascinating that he purchased the most haunted home in New Orleans. Is it possible that he can communicate with the ghosts or gets a medium to help him to do that? I believe in ghosts existing , though one needs to be very careful in dealing with them as they can get an evil spirit and that can be harmful. I hope he has an awesome experience with this house, its a very cool purchase.

  2. Ive always had a passion for New Orleans..

    With a facsination for the haunted,

    it would be quite an experience to own such

    property! He has great taste in real estate

    I know this is piecing itself together, but

    I cant get enough of Cage either.

    He is an excellent actor and one

    heck of a role model.

  3. I used to pass this building sometimes and I never knew it’s history. I wonder what he plans to do with the building ?

  4. I recently read about Mme. LaLaurie's atrocities in a book written by Herbert Asbury, published in 1936, entitled "The French Quarter, An informal History of the New Orleans Underworld". If ever ghosts should haunt a property where unspeakable acts occurred, this would be it. Perhaps revitalizing the place with love and kindness can put them to rest. As a child I heard of Roman Catholic priests in South Louisiana who performed exhorcisims. Surely there are still some around.

  5. SnarlingCoyote

    Actually, I'm fairly certain no one's had any real problems with ghosts in that house since a former owner did renovations and discovered the remains of about 75 slaves under the floorboards of the servants quarters on the third floor. The remains were interred with due honor and respect and this, apparently, quieted the souls of those poor people.

    Any reports of ghosts since that time have been, I believe, drummed up for the tourists.

  6. i'm from louisiana

  7. i just returned home from new orleans to michigan and went on a walking ghost tour in new orleans and the house that nicholas cage bought was part of it. it was fasinating and the house was beautiful. the tour guide told us tho that cage will not spend the night in the house. that he only uses the house for parties and such. i would love to go inside and the story that goes behind it is fasinating and tragic

    • I die the Same , in New Orleans , the haunted history ghost tour went to many haunted houses and told the history , ehat happened , and the hauntings. After we were told this story i was really gross out , it is horrible what she did to the poor people. I also stayed three nights at a different , haunted hotel , The Provincial. They went over that in the ghost tour and i was scaried to death , and i slept under my pillows everynight. Because the tails and the history there. But the history at this place is horrorindous . People buying this place then finding blood covered on everything , inluding the person that slept there one time. All i have to say is look up the history , it's very interesting. And the house itself is soooo Beautiful! I looked in the window when i walked back to the house with my dad. Inside is super gorgeous , It's white and decorated , super amazing. If it din't have history and wasn't haunted i would love it . Absolutly Love it!

  8. Just got back from New Orleans a few days ago. The house is indeed up for sell. According to people there, he said that he could not be there anymore. That the place was haunted. The house is beautiful. I believe it is for sell for something like 3.5 million.

  9. That surely looks like a scary mansion great to shoot psychic night in

  10. It's not that he couldn't be there anymore, it's that Nick Cage is bankrupt and forced to sell all the stuff he bought. Get your facts straight.

  11. I've lived in new orleans my whole life. the Lalaurie mansion is haunted so if you don't think paranormal exsist try living here for 45 years….

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