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Painful Realtor Moments on the Ellen Show

Just watch and squirm…


  1. I always thought parkbench/supermarket-type marketing used to be tasteless, tacky and pricey given its dismal ROI.

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  3. but makes for a good laugh!

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  5. haha that is wonderful, ahhh I love it!

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  8. Hilarious!

    On the heavier side of things, this blog is going to be sorely missed.

  9. LOL – Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Thanks…

  10. I'm surprised we haven't heard more of this in Miami! #realtor

  11. LOL. Some of these realtor slogans are really funny!

  12. Great clip. Loved it. – Betsey @ San Diego Home Inspector

  13. That was an awesome episode. Loved it.

  14. Too Funny!

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  15. This was a really entertaining episode to watch being a real estate agent! There should be a part 2 to it.

  16. It's a very funny video. Thanks for sharing… Great blog..

  17. Hilarious video…thanks for sharing

  18. God bless the entrepreneurial spirit of these agents! Wendy Wacko should know better, though… Better to use her name in a tag line – "My agent is Wacko!"

  19. Funny video, thanks for sharing…

  20. This made me laugh so hard!

  21. The kind of humor in real estate agents advertising that I don't see much in asia. Especially around Bartley Condo!

  22. even if it is at the expense of other "professionals." I have heard it joke that some have "a bridge to sell you" but I never heard about marketing the moon. bellevue real estates

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