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Panty Stealing Real Estate Agent Busted In Northern Virginia

Panty Stealing Real Estate Agent Busted In Northern Virginia

This story is just plain creepy. Stephen Brumme, of Silver Spring, MD, was caught on a home video camera stealing underwear from a home seller while waiting for his client to arrive.

One of the things you do when selling your home is trust the professional agents to treat your home with respect and not steal from you. But for an agent to paw through a homeowners panty drawer and steal a pair is just unnerving.

The home owner had set up a motion activated video camera in thehome and caught the whole sordid theft on camera. One thing to note, most laptops now have video cameras and software built in and it may be a good idea to have it aimed at your valuables drawer when the home is being shown. Not to be paranoid, but there are thieves and wackos out thereā€¦

Police said the victim was not a client of Brumme’s, but he had entered the home to show the house to his client, said spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

The video shows Brumme on his cellphone giving directions to his client while he slides open drawers and examines the women’s underwear, said Sternbeck. As the prospective buyer arrives, Brumme can been seen slipping the garments into his back pants pockets.

Brumme, of Silver Spring, was charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools. The access card was the tool that Brumme used to gain entry to ultimately commit the crime, said Sternbeck.

Brumme was released on bail, and his real estate license was immediately suspended, said police. Police are reviewing Brumme’s access card logs that show he has been inside hundreds of homes, said Sternbeck. via the Washington Examiner

One last point, I wonder how often has an MLS access card been called a burglary tool?


  1. This is gross! I'm glad they suspended his license right away, hopefully with a criminal record he won't ever be able to work as a real estate professional again.

  2. I think that is the right way to treat the people like this. It is quite unfortunate that people are doing this kind of act.

  3. This is just sad! He definitely shouldn't get his license back anytime soon.

  4. A seriously creepy dude…it's sad a professional can act this way…no wonder you can't trust people…how often does this sort of behaviour go on?

  5. This is one of the craziest things I’ve heard in a while! Scandals like this are what give the real estate profession a bad reputation! It only takes one story like this to make the rest of us look shady and untrustworthy.

  6. Stories like this make the entire profession look bad. How did this guy not get caught before? Creepy.

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  8. why the guy steal the panty? The things just worth for several dollars.

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