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Pope Francis’s New Home In The Vatican City

Pope Francis’s New Home In The Vatican City


So the new Pope Francis has been elected, lets go and look at the Papal Apartment in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City in Rome. Pope’s have been living in the apartment since the 17th  century.

There are 10 rooms in the 3rd  floor Papal apartment which includes a vestibule, a studio office, the Pope’s private study, the Pope’s bedroom, a medical suite, a private dining room, a small living room, the private library, the Pope’s chapel, and a kitchen.

The new Pope will be living in these apartments from September to July when he heads to his summer residence at Castle Gandolfo.

Each Pope typically renovates the living quarters to their own style.

A short video on who has access to the Papal Apartments:

And here is a longer tour of the Apostolic Palace:


  1. How interesting! I didn’t realize that any media was given access to the Pope’s living area. The only coverage I’ve seen in the past few weeks has been filled with hundreds of onlookers. This sure is a lot of space for one person to live – especially in a European city where space is at such a premium!

  2. I have to say I'm very impressed with the new Pope. It seems ike he's trying to make a point of helping the poor and being compassionate to the needy. I don't think the Papacy needs pomp and circumstance to be an effictive office, the Pope leads by example.

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