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PulteGroup and Lennar Home Builders Top Stocks in 2012

PulteGroup and Lennar Home Builders Top Stocks in 2012

If you had told me in January that owning PulteGroup and Lennar was a smart move I probably would have scoffed at you. But now at the end of the year, these two companies are considered a couple of the best investments of the year, and still worthy to hold on to.

Boosted by the beginnings of a housing recovery, PulteGroup and Lennar ranked among the 10 largest gainers in the S&P 500. Pultegroup nearly quadrupled—shares rose 182% to $17.61. Lennar, meanwhile, increased 94% to $37.80.

For sure, some of these gains came because of better industry-wide conditions. Confidence among home-builders is quite elevated. Housing starts and prices considerably improved, and the inventory of foreclosed property continues to slowly dwindle. Both Pulte and Lennar managed this period well. via Forbes

11589159-lennar-logoThese two companies got lean in time to survive the downturn and then created true value as the market starts to recover. Let’s hope that the success of these two companies is an indicator for the future.


  1. There's a couple of quick recovery cases. I just hope they can keep up the momentum. If they do, then these two companies might just end up hogging the market.

  2. home builders? having a home should be really secured in order to keep our family safe.

  3. Shares of homebuilder’s Pulte group Inc. and Lennar corp. were among Wednesday’s top gainers in trading after analyst at credit raised their rating on Pulte to outperform from neutral. I just hope that these two companies can maintain their level.

  4. Investing in PulteGroup and Lunar Home builders is really a best option if we have a look at the en year results of 2012. Hope these two companies continue to rise in this market in the coming future. All the best!!

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