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Real Estate Blogging is Dying – Fast

Coming from the guy who “went” by the name of the real estate blogger, I am calling this game…

Real Estate Blogging is dying, fast.

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  1. Here in New Zealand, real estate blogs are not as strong as it was before. And since most of use are more focused on listings, we normally outsource our writing to the Philippines, which we find cheap and cost effective. This way, we are able to update posts regularly while being able to focus on generating leads through listings and from other means.

  2. That's a great and fantastic topic related to the Sandpoint Idaho real estate. I read and really impressed from your topic .Its really informative and helpful ..Thanks for sharing..

  3. Real estate blogging is by far a better option than static real estate template websites.

  4. I totally disagree that blogging is dead. In fact I can not think of anything better than increasing a Realtors exposure online. As far as SEO goes blogging can not be beat. If the articles you create are good they work in perpetuity. A great article can bring a constant stream of new business. A perfect example would be the short sale articles I have written over 4 years ago. They still bring me business today!

  5. WOW? REALLY? Coming from you Tom, I'm surprised! Blogging for me is alive, and well, and making my phone RING! I don't write 100% about real estate. I put all kinds of article on my site that are informative and relate to living in my community, from events to update in public safety to the latest food truck event. HOW anyone can be with a lack of content is beyond me. Mine is a lack of time to put it out there. I have 2 boxes of topics on my desk. I end up having to sort it out because some of it becomes old news. Content is king, and you have to put content on your site that people want. In real estate, yes, the #1 thing is show me the listings. But after that, you need to engage them in conversation. It may be one sided (I don't get many actual comments on posts) but I know I'm showing my readers that I know my market place and what is going on.

  6. Blogging is still working as far as I see it. It depends only if the writer/blogger is credible and honest of what he or she is writing and not just trying to copy any lines from other blogs. That's why when you want to blog about real estate and is covering about a property agent ,you should talk about their task or what is their role on real estate and not just blabber about something out of the topic. Readers would like to read it if they think that it got sense and has truth in it.

  7. Yes Real estate blogging is really helps in getting some idea about real estate market.

  8. I'm not sure it's dying, i think it's becoming more difficult to get your site or post/page ranked in order to generate a quality lead. Those who started log ago and have established sites and author rank will survive.

    Google knows people want local content from real people.

    In fact, my blog site http://homeloanartist.com is actually growing in traffic. 75% of my business now comes from this blog.

  9. This is interesting – In South Africa for example, the Real Estate Blogging scene is only just getting started. I think it has a lot to do with the saturation of a market as to whether it has a lifespan or not.

    For example, my website is one of the few real estate related blogs in South Africa.

  10. Real Estate Blogging is not deal and will alive for bloggers as well as commentators. So keep blogging.

  11. I agree, the blogging is needed – for us professionals as a marketing tool and clients to make informative decisions

  12. entire play is about to post some informative and responsive content if your content is natural and possess some good information which the visitors like to read and apply then even blogging can have more visitors and can compete to a complete website..

  13. I disagree with blogging as being dead. It can be a constructive and creative way for real estate information to be conveyed to the public. I do still believe it serves a distinct purpose for the customer and therefore will continue to survive and remaing applicable to real estate.

  14. Can't say I agree… in the United Stated blogging has "been there and done that", but other countries (such as our home in Canada) bloggin is just starting to come on strong. Catchy title though!

  15. I work some smaller cities west of Minneapolis Minnesota and blog often about relevant topics to my area which do appear in search results and bring me some traffic so I'm not sure about "dead"? I would say to run a well rounded SEO cam pain or on-line presence you need many tools and blogs are just one of them.

  16. Especially when there is no lead generation involved (i.e. just driving traffic to a blog that never captures a user's contact info), then agents are missing out on loads of valuable leads. Blogging may still have a little effectiveness, but nothing beats using both paid and social marketing mediums to target and capture new clients.

  17. There is a huge market selling blogging to real estate agents. Self preservation selling a product that will never work is wrong. Just sayin… Seattle Real Estate

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