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Rick Ross Buying Evander Holyfield’s Foreclosed Atlanta Mansion

Rick Ross Buying Evander Holyfield’s Foreclosed Atlanta Mansion

The word is out, Rick Ross is buying Evander Holyfield’s Fairburn, Georgia 107 room former mansion from the bank.

The home failed to sell in a foreclosure auction held this past November, but it looks like rapper Rick Ross has decided to buy the compound for close to the 6.75 million dollar asking price. Holyfield originally paid nearly 100 million dollars to build the mansion, which was on the same property as the 4,000 square foot house he was living in.

I lived not far from the mansion for a number of years and it truly looks like a museum. The upkeep on the property was nearly a million dollars a year so Rick Ross is getting the amazing mansion but he will have to continue to spend some serious money to restore it and maintain it.

Maybe he will rent it out for filming music videos. That could make up the difference.

Jackie Campbell is the listing agent on the property.

“We do look to be on schedule,” Campbell said. “I feel fairly confident that it will close.”

The mansion hit the auction block in November, but that sale fell through, Campbell said. Although the sale price can’t be disclosed yet, it’s not far off the $6.875 million asking price, she said.

Last week, one of the rappers on Ross’ music label posted a picture on Instagram of the compound’s soon-to-be new owner.

“New crib is unreal,” fellow rapper Meek Mill posted, announcing the sale. There’s a picture of Ross, whose real name is William Roberts II, at the top of a grandiose staircase.

The “crib” is beyond unreal compared to the average home. With 109 rooms, the mansion has a dining room big enough to seat 100, a bowling alley, a 135-seat movie theater, an Olympic-size pool and a baseball field. There’s also a separate 4,000-square-foot home on the property. via the AJC

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