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Sanford Florida Haunted House for Sale

Haunted house sanfordIf you are looking for the one of a kind home, we have founded it for you in Sanford, Florida. The historic home is believed to be haunted by an elderly woman. She slams doors, moves things around the house, and slams cabinets according to reports. There is an interesting video attached to the story.

Realtor Ronda Christiansen said a woman apparently haunting the 1921 home is friendly and has listed the home as being a home with a ghost. “Some people are actually really scared,” Christiansen said. “I actually made it a blind ad. I didn’t say where the house was in case we…”

Christiansen stopped speaking as a door opened by itself next to her. “Why did that door just open?” Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest asked. “I don’t know,” Christiansen said.

Many people report experiencing strange phenomenons inside the structure, DeForest said. Mortgage banker Rich Hayward said he has witnessed kitchen cabinets opening and slamming shut with no one in the room. A penny that was set on a banister mysteriously vanished one recent day and was found in a bathtub when Hayward was alone in the house.

Also, when Hayward brought his teenage sons in to find the ghost, he was startled to see his own reflection in a window. “For decades, I had a beard and in a reflection, I had a beard,” the clean-shaven Hayward said.

The woman also appears in bedrooms at night. “She has appeared at the foot of this bed,” Christiansen said. “(The ghost has appeared) about where the armoire is.” via local6.com


  1. How much is it a month? rooms? bathrooms? im interested in renting

  2. im only 14 but my mom and dad want to buy a haunted house for me! i cant wait till they do! how much is the price? thanks brandon richards

  3. where is it at in sanford

  4. interested in visiti

    What is the address of this house, i live in Sanford and would like to walk around this house and experience the haunting.

  5. ME AND MY HUSBAND WANT TO LOOK AT THE HOUSE maybe to buy what is the address. we are not scared of ghost.

  6. I would like to speak with the Realtor regarding this home. This is a serious inquiry. -Tonya

  7. what is the asking price for this home?…we are looking for a vacation home in Florida…please e-mail me…thank you


  8. you clowns and your ghostly garbage, if the house is cheap then i would buy it. f### that old bitch, i'll bolt everything down.

  9. don baumgartner

    if contacted, i would consider in buying or renting it.matt cyr, you need to get a life and accept that there might be more to life then the six senses!!!

  10. Good Morning ,

    My name is Corina, now that I have raised my two son's and they are off on there own now I am looking to start a life of my own someone else besides Baltimore Maryland. I have always dreamed of living down south and my gold was to move to Florida. I am looking to rent a home were I can call home and maybe in the near future to buy it . If you would please contact me with the information in cost of renting this house. Thank you for your time .

    P.S It doesn't matter that it is haunted to me.


  11. Dear Sir,

    my name is Husam from Syria , I have noticed that you have some haunted houses at your data base for sell, I just wanted to let you know if you know the landlord of thi house or any other haunted house need help to clean their houses of any ghosts or any black magic in it , I have people working with me have a special power from God can use a special process for at least 3 days at that house and makes it clean of any ghosts and they have the prove for you and they can if you give them only the picture of the haunted house they will gives you the exactly description of the house from inside or any other information of any one what's he doing right now .. if you are interested just write me and we can discuss about this matter closely..

    With Best Regards


    [email protected]

  12. I live close by, so close I can see it. I have to say what a crock of bull pucky the house is in no way haunted. They are just hoping that some show or nut case will come and take the house off their hands so they can get out from under it. The price is to high and if you stand in the right spot the door will open and close on it’s own. And yes my wife and I have been in the house due to we were thinking of buying it.

  13. Please if you could contact me asap, I am trying to make a documentary for school, and i would love to come do a little walkthru of this home for any paranormal hits..

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