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Out of Work Appraiser Stealing Licensees Identity

The slowdown of real estate sales is causing some to take drastic and illegal actions. An appraiser working under another’s license was laid off because there was not enough work. The man, Phillip Contreras, forged the signature of the licensee and stole his identity to continue to do appraisals. Now Fresno, California police have lodged 142 counts against Contreras. If ... Read More »

Questions To Help Find an Appraiser

With the slowing home market, finding a fully qualified and trustworthy appraiser is more important that ever. If the appraiser cuts corners, you may have a home that is worth less than it’s appraisal. Or you may end upside down in your loan. The Wall Street Journal had these pertinent questions to ask potential appraisers before hiring them. Does the ... Read More »

Appraisals in the Mortgage Process- The Rules are Changing

Simply the Best Loans, a blog that I have started reading, has a great article on the use of appraisals in the financing of a home. The lenders have noticed that appraisals have been over estimated recently, and are being much tougher in their analysis.  One of the newest issues with many loans today is lenders reviewing and rejecting appraisals. ... Read More »