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Chinese Plan 10 Billion in Worldwide Real Estate Purchases in 2014


Chinese real estate investors are scouring the globe looking for real estate deals to protect their nest eggs according to an article at the Wall Street Journal. With the risk of credit issues in China, prudent investors are looking for safe places to park their money overseas, and quality real estate seems to be a favorite. The majority of the ... Read More »

World’s Wealthiest Hold One-Fifth of Their Wealth In Real Estate

Real Estate Hong Kong

One of the adages I was raised with is if you want to be successful, watch what successful people are doing. I would assume this would apply to investment real estate and the super rich do like to invest in real estate assets. The European rich like real estate the most holding 31 percent of their assets in properties and ... Read More »

Wayne New Jersey Real Estate Agents Busted Having Sex In House For Sale


I am sure the thought crosses a home sellers mind what might happen inside their house when they hand over their keys to the real estate agent. The level of trust between agents and their clients to respect their property is tantamount. Unfortunately, in Wayne, New Jersey, two real estate agents decided to use a clients house for their sexual ... Read More »

Real Estate Broker Has Cyanide Scare Showing House in California


When a real estate agent shows a home, they really never know what they are going to run into. That was the case for an agent working in California’s Marin County over the weekend. She is very lucky that she and her clients were not injured after handling some deadly chemicals. Here is the story: Novato fire Capt. Alex Bowlds ... Read More »

Top 10 Fastest Real Estate Markets in 2013


Redfin has come out with an interesting new metric for analyzing how fast moving real estate markets in the country. They have captured the flash sales, those homes that have gone to contract in under 24 hours after the initial listing, in major markets across the country. As inventories tighten and buyers have returned to the market, we are seeing ... Read More »

Panty Stealing Real Estate Agent Busted In Northern Virginia

Panty Stealer Realtor

This story is just plain creepy. Stephen Brumme, of Silver Spring, MD, was caught on a home video camera stealing underwear from a home seller while waiting for his client to arrive. One of the things you do when selling your home is trust the professional agents to treat your home with respect and not steal from you. But for ... Read More »

California Government Tries To Hide Real Estate Deal Information AB 382


If you work for the politically connected CalPERS or other California pension funds and investment vehicles, you would love for all your mistakes to be hidden from your investor’s view. And by having the elected officials in your hip pocket, your wish is now coming true. But newly proposed legislation would make such real estate records confidential in the future, ... Read More »

RIP Jerry Buss, Real Estate Magnate and Lakers Owner


Jerry Buss, best known for his ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, was also a member of the real estate community. He made is money through his ownership of residential apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings. His partnership in Mariani-Buss Associates with Frank Mariani created the wealth so that he could be able to own the Lakers. He ... Read More »

Mortgage Criteria Easing? Great News For Real Estate Sales


The pendulum of credit standards has gone from the “Liar’s Loans” of 2006 where anyone could get a loan at any price as long as they were willing to fib, to standards over the past couple years where you had to have a perfect credit rating and offer your first born as collateral before the lending committee would even consider ... Read More »

Dumb Real Estate Photography – Hide the Pot Plants

Picture used to help sell a home in Australia showing their pot plants...

Here is a scenario for the real estate agents in the audience: A 28-year-old man from Henley Beach South in Adelaide was reported for cultivating cannabis after photos of his plants were noticed on a real estate website. The plants, growing in pots, inadvertently showed up in photos used to advertise the house for sale. Police attended the house with a ... Read More »