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Digital Assets For Real Estate Professionals

The past couple of weeks I have spent working and talking with people outside of the real estate industry about their web presence. It really brought home the point of how advanced many real estate agents, mortgage professionals, and those in the industry are. We have domains that can be worth a great deal of money that others may be ... Read More »

Real Estate Man Is LandlordFor Sex Offenders In Florida

If you have read this site before, you know that I am not a huge fan of laws that are written quickly. They tend to lead open the Pandora’s Box of the Law of Unintended Consequences. That is what is happening now in Florida and probably soon across the country with sex offenders. States and municipalities across the country have ... Read More »

Daily News Steals The Empire State Building – Why Real Estate Fraud Is So Easy

If you are wondering why it is so easy to commit real estate fraud, read this and see how easy it was for the New York Daily News and it’s reporters to steal the Empire State Building. Legally, by filing bogus paperwork, the building was owned by the Daily News for a short time. The News swiped the 102-story Art ... Read More »

Emerging Market Trends Report Bearish On Real Estate

 After reading most financial reports put out by think tanks over the past few years they tended to temper bad news with some good news. This report did not do that. It was pretty bleak. The predominate theme was that leverage is gone from real estate for a while, cash is king. If you are selling to buyers that have ... Read More »

Too Much Housing Inventory, Call In Overstock.com

Sure we have a housing inventory problem in the United States, but does it really require Overstock.com to come to the rescue? The company that bills it self as Your Online Outlet thinks teaming up with auctioneers Williams & Williams makes good sense. Well, buying blenders that a manufacturer made too many of is a wonderful product for Overstock.com to sell, ... Read More »

Governments Look To Suck Money Out of Foreclosured Properties

The lust for more money is the bane of both state and local governments. During the boom times they added every perk they could to make themselves re-electable. Now that tax revenue is down, they are looking under every rock and crevice to find new revenue to pay for all the pork and excess they have created. California is a ... Read More »

Basic Seach Engine Optimization Advice

Matt Cutts is featured in an article in USA Today on search engine optimization. The article is noteworthy because it takes this geeky term SEO and gives some very basic but important steps that the average real estate agent can understand. We who work online all the time often forget that some of this stuff is complicated. Just like real ... Read More »

Latest Celebrity Foreclosure: Pacman Jones Losing Tennessee Home

The of the rich and famous is fraught with keeping up with the Jones. When you are Pacman Jones, keeping away from law enforcement is a full time job. The latest law enforcement official to knock on Pacman’s door is the sheriff with the foreclosure notice of his Williamson County, Tennessee home. The bank has formally notified the disgraced football ... Read More »

Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face, MLS’s in Action

CondoDomain Boston got itself in hot water. They added new content and features to their site. Yep, they made things better for the consumer. But they also added one last piece to the puzzle, they are now a licensed real estate brokerage. But in reality what does it mean for their business? They now are under the┬ácontrol of the local ... Read More »

California Real Estate Licensee Ranks Shrink in 2007 (Barely)

The good news is that the ranks of Real Estate License holders in California have shrunk, the bad news is that the number is negligable. The difference in licensees in California between December, 2006 and December, 2007 is down .1 percent, or 85 Realtors. Compared to the double digit growth that was seen the previous 4 years this is an improvement in ... Read More »