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Five Ways To Avoid A Craigslist Rental Scam

Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Craigslst

Renting a home is a very stressful process. You have to find the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right price before someone else snatches the home right out from under you. And the scammers know this, and frequent Craigslist to take advantage of you. Finding the perfect home at the perfect price is tough, and our defenses ... Read More »

HARP Distressed Borrower Loans Extended For 2 More Years


If you are in a home that is still underwater, you may qualify for a H.A.R.P. mortgage from the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The program that was supposed to expire at the end of the year has now been extended for 2 more years through 2015. More than 2.2 million borrowers have used the program so far. To qualify, homeowners ... Read More »

Real Estate Blogging is Dying – Fast

Coming from the guy who “went” by the name of the real estate blogger, I am calling this game… Real Estate Blogging is dying, fast. If you want to learn more, contact me on Twitter – @tomroyce or call me at 770-755-1503. Read More »

20,000 Bats Take Over Georgia Foreclosure

Foreclosures that sit empty can have many issues as we all know. However, in Tifton, Georgia one foreclosure has been taken over by bats. Estimates of up to 20,000 bats are living in this South Georgia historical home that has gone into foreclosure. Most homeowners living in a historical district of a mid sized rural town do not expect to ... Read More »

What Happens When A Commercial Property Goes Into Receivership?

When you or your client face a situation where a lender is threatening to place a receiver on your commercial property (including multi-family, office, retail or industrial), you need to immediately retain a top notch, experienced lawyer.  Time is of the essence because with respect to receivers, a court can remove you from managing your property in favor of a ... Read More »

Bank of America Suspendeds Foreclosure In All 50 States

As the Federal Government races to get a loophole passed by the President allowing the essentially illegitimate foreclosure proceedings to go on in the country, Bank of America has realized they could be in a world of hurt if they keep foreclosing on homeowners. So today Bank of America has decided to stop foreclosing on homes in all 50 states. ... Read More »

The New Nigerian Scam – Australian Home Sold By Internet Thieves

We have been watching how Nigerian scammers have been renting homes they do not own on Craigslist but now a story coming out of Australia is showing how these thieves are selling homes they do not own. The theft came after thieves sold a Perth, Australia home for nearly a half a million dollars, kept the proceeds, and left the ... Read More »

Long Island Man Has Mortgage Payout Cancelled Day After Wife Dies

Your heart has to go out to people in this situation. We know qualifying for a mortgage is hard, even harder for a mortgage at age 84. But when you get approved and then your spouse dies, it should not be this difficult to get the payout. The day after George Baumann’s wife died, the loan officer at a branch ... Read More »

Toll Brothers: If You Can Not Build Them, Join Them

The construction market slowdown to historic lows has the braintrust at Toll Brothers reconsidering their business plan. Since they can not sell new homes right now they have announced a plan to buy distressed properties. Yep, a top homebuilder is going into the REO game. And it is a brilliant move. One of the biggest fears when buying a foreclosure ... Read More »