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The Government is Fundamentally a Reactionary Institution

I have pulled this quote from a guest post by Bill Bonner in the Christian Science Monitor which I have excerpted below. He hits the nail on the head. Dead on. The government is reacting to help those who benefit by maintaining the status quo as they are the entities lobbying and contributing to their campaigns. So for the real estate ... Read More »

Be the Best Co-Op Agent You Can Be

Doesn’t it just make you crazy when you have worked a bazillion hours with a buyer, and the house they have finally pegged as the house happens to be a relocation property, represented by a listing agent who has NO CLUE how to work through a relocation transaction?   After 12+ years and more than 70% of my transactions specifically ... Read More »

26 Things The Media ISN’T Telling You About The Real Estate Market

‘The real estate market crash continues as home values plummet….’  ‘Home sales continue to decline as the housing bubble bursts….’ ‘Is the real estate market hitting a recession?  Find out tonight at 11!’ Sound familiar? Those are just a few of the headlines that have been thrown around by the media lately. In a time where people are very much ... Read More »

Clintons Upgrading to New Bedford Hills New York House

It looks like the residents of Chappaqua, New York are going to be able to sleep better as the Clintons are looking to move to chic Bedford Hills, New York. The estate that the Clinton’s are looking at is a 10 year old property built by a bankrupt Wall Street tycoon, Paul Wallace of the Broadstone Group. New neighbors of ... Read More »

Dean Graziosi Real Estate Investment Center Review

Typically I avoid reviews of sites that promise get rich quick systems by investing in real estate, but Dean Graziosi’s site had me interested. For one, you can tell he gets the concept of blogging and getting information across in a comfortable way. And if you look at the site, there is no hard sell, instead Dean and his people ... Read More »

Stay Christmas Eve & Morning in A Christmas Story Rent The Christmas Story House For Christmas Eve and Day

The auction is over but I am writing this post for next year. If money were no option, this could be the Christmas present of a lifetime for a fan of the movie A Christmas Story. On eBay there was an auction for to rent the home over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And the owners will do everything they ... Read More »

Donny Deutsch is Seinfelds New Neighbor in the Hamptons

Jerry Seinfeld is getting a new neighbor in his East Hampton enclave, television and advertising star Donny Deutsch. The flamboyant  and outspoken Deutsch has been reported looking for his ideal Hamptons getaway and has settled on the property next to Jerry Seinfeld. The historic home that presently is on the property is being moved to a new location which will allow Deutsch ... Read More »

Jane Seymour Selling Malibu Home for 15 Million

Actress Jane Seymour and her director husband James Keach are selling a spec house in Malibu for 15 million dollars. They bought the home for 4.5 million dollars 2 years ago and made some renovations on it. But the question that I raise today is this: Is the price bump a celebrity can charge for a home predicated on their Q ... Read More »