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The Temple of Damanhur – Italy’s Eighth Wonder of The World

It is truly amazing what the combination of passion, privacy, and keeping the government out of the equation can produce. An Italian man had visions when he was 10 years old. Over the next 40 years he took these visions and brought them to reality in what is called the Temple of Damahur. A complex of tunnels and amazing rooms ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities To Own a Luxury Home in 2009

Living well does cost you. If you want a 2,000 square foot home in Monte Carlo in the right part of town, expect it to cost you nearly 9 million dollars. That is what it takes to live in the most expensive city on the Earth. But the world is racing past the United States after the housing slowdown when ... Read More »

The Baby Boomer Generation Wants It All

This is not an indictment of the Baby Boomers, but it is indicative of the mentality that we have lived under for the past 20 to 30 years. The Baby Boomers have always lived in prosperity and now that we are in a true recession it is interesting to see how the generation is acting. If anyone wished to know ... Read More »

Dubai Investing Information

This is a paid ReviewMe site analysis of the website Dubai Property Investment, which focuses on one of the hottest real estate market in the world. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and has built it’s city from a small backwater oil town to one of the most vibrant, international cities in the world. Dubai Property is the site of LatticeWerks, an ... Read More »

Is Cushman & Wakefield On the Block?

The merger talk in corporate leasing and property management is heating up with word that the Agnelli family through their Ifil Holding Company may be looking to purchase Cushman & Wakefield. The  valuation of the company is a little under 1 billion dollars so this would be a substantial purchase. Italy’s Agnelli family is considering a return to investing in ... Read More »