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New York Seeing A Reverse Migration From Long Island?

As a boy growing up on the south shore of Long Island it seemed that everyone I knew had family that moved from the city. It could have been Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx, and even the few that left Manhattan, but it seemed that was the natural evolution in life. Your ancestors arrived from Europe, lived in the city for ... Read More »

New York City Mayor Announces Middle Income Development Project in Long Island City

After the sale of Peter Cooper and Stuyvesant Town this past week, housing advocates have been upset over the loss of middle income housing in New York City. The mayor has responded to these concerns by buying a 24 acre property across the East River for middle income (between 60–145K) housing. The properties rent will be subsidized by the city ... Read More »

Should Plum Island Get Condos and Houses or Bird Blinds?

A debate is raging over the use of Plum Island. The island off the coast of Longs Island has been home to the Animal Disease Center. The place where the really nasty stuff that can kill thousands of us gets examined. Nobody who is not authorized by the government has been on the island for 50 years and no one ... Read More »

50 Cent’s Long Island Home Burns Down – Was It Arson?

The Dix Hills home of Rap star 50 Cent burned down in what investigators have deemed suspicious. The home was being lived in by Curtis Jackson’s (50 Cent’s real name) former girlfriend, his 10 year old son, and her family. What has raised the concern of investigators was that earlier this week a violent discussion broke out during a hearing over ... Read More »

A-Rod Buying Shaq’s Star Island Mansion? (Or Alex Rodriguez Buying Shaquille O’Neal’s Home)

When 2 professional sports stars that are known by 1 word nicknames world wide get involved in a real estate transaction you know that big dollars are involved. A-Rod, or Alex Rodriguez and baseballs highest paid player, is buying the Star Island mansion outside of Miami from Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal and the NBA’s most famous player.  The 8 bedroom, 19,440 square foot ... Read More »

Housing Cost Problems In New Jersey and Long Island Causing Youth To Flee

When housing prices were running up, present homeowners started counting their chickens and planning their retirement. But what is forgotten once the bloom is off the rose as it is now, that these high housing costs also have their costs. When looking around Long Island as a young man in my early 20’s the though of moving out was enticing, ... Read More »

Commercial over Housing in California, Green Space over Housing on Long Island

San Jose is worried that the rush to build new homes is taking away from job production. Undeveloped land is quickly being converted to housing inventory and the locals are getting restless. By building up housing at the expense of commercial land, job prospects are being hurt in the region. But whether the revisions – which seek to combat the ... Read More »

Levittown New York Turns 60 Years Old

Oh my gawd, Levittown is turning 60 years old. The Long Island subdivision and hamlet that became the poster child for suburbia has been going at it for 60 years now. Growing up not far from the town it was always an icon. Those that moved there were fiercely proud of the homes they had bought, and many from Manhattan ... Read More »

Starrett City Sale Falls Through – Residents Still Wary About New Buyers

The sale of Starrett City to real estate investor fell through this week as federal housing authorities rejected the 1.3 billion dollar offer for the 33 year old complex. Starrett City was built as a low income alternative housing system back in the 1970’s. I remember driving by it as it rose out of the swamps and the Belt Parkway ... Read More »

Most Expensive Listing Ever in New York – 80 Million Dollar Hamptons Property

The most expensive property ever listed in New York has come on the market in the Hamptons. With an 80 million dollar price tag I do not think that they will be doing Sunday open houses. The property is has over 55 acres and has many buildings throughout it. The property is located in North Haven, adjacent to the world famous Hamptons and is ... Read More »