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Home Ownership Drops, Rentals Become Hard To Find

The New York Times has a snarky article on homeownership and the inability of the country to maintain the levels of 2005. George Bush tried to raise the level of homeownership and lenders extended money to many who were not positioned to pay these loans. We have seen what happened. The ugly truth is that there is a part of ... Read More »

Why Rental Market Is Going Strong

Looking to invest in real estate, the rental market may be your best friend right now. As homeownership costs are still outpacing the cost of renting by nearly 10 percent and purchasing a home is difficult in a tight capital market, renting is still the option of choice for many. Investment News has an article today talking about the opportunities ... Read More »

Rental Rates Surging Across Country For First Quarter 2008

While housing prices remain moribund, the demand for rental properties has rates surging across the country. Simple economics will tell you the longer that people hold off buying the more renters are created. The newly married and young buyers that normally would enter the housing buying cycle are still renting as fear, uncertainty, and doubt are dominating the marketplace. But then ... Read More »

Rental Market Bright Spot On Real Estate Horizon

If the surge in demand in rental units is a surprise to any of you please go back into your dark room and close your eyes. Shelter is a base item in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. As they say, if you have food, shelter, and water you can live. So it is no surprise that as the credit crunch is ... Read More »

Melbourne Rental Properties Review

Just after finishing high school I had the opportunity to head to Australia for a  year as an exchange student. It was a life changing experience, but as an American in a different culture I spent  a great deal of time getting comfortable. Everything was in English but it was a much different English than the New York version I was accustomed ... Read More »

Top 10 Rental Markets With Fastest Rising Rates, 2nd Quarter 2007

As home sales slow down, people are still needing a place to live. This pressure on the rental market is creating a rapid increase in price across the country. Add to that the inabilty of renters to get subprime and alt-a financing is increasing the pressure on the rental market. So moving forward we should expect to see the continued ... Read More »

Top 10 Least Expensive Rental Markets In the United States

If you are fed up paying very high rental rates and are ready to go to a location where things may be a bit slower and more laconic, then these cities that have the Top 10 least expensive rental marke... Read More »

Top 10 Most Expensive Rental Markets

New York City heads the list of the most expensive rental market for 2006, and rents are expected to increase in 2007 across the country. The slowdown in real estate purchases will lead to an almost 1... Read More »

As Housing Slows Down, Rental Units Soar, Guess What Happens Next

We wonder in amazement when we see that housing costs stop rising at 20 percent. The bubble bloggers begin to crow that the market will collapse. The builders panic as they got caught riding the wave of economic opportunism and have to retrench. Real Estate agents think that they will never sell a home again. But the landlords start smiling. ... Read More »

Housing Prices Adjust, Rental Rates Soar

As we predicted when the speculators fell out of the market, housing prices would come down a bit. The numbers released state a drop of 9.7 percent nationwide but compared to the multiple years of double digit appreciation this is not so bad. The nugget in the numbers is that home sales increased, not decreased, so that homes are still ... Read More »