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Real Estate Slowdown in Spain, Half of Agents Close Shop

We are so focused on how the real estate is affecting us in the United States we forget the credit crunch is hitting the rest of the world too. Raising the Roof, the excellent real estate blog of the International Herald Tribune, has this interesting post on real estate agents in Spain. It seems that the slowdown is so extreme ... Read More »

Commercial Real Estate Has a Rough Week

Real estate news this week was mostly about the difficulty in the commercial markets. It seems that the losses are coming fast and furious as investors and owners are writing down assets rapidly. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Dimon was less than optimistic: During a conference call with investors following the bank’s first-quarter earnings report, he said: ... Read More »

The Baby Boomer Generation Wants It All

This is not an indictment of the Baby Boomers, but it is indicative of the mentality that we have lived under for the past 20 to 30 years. The Baby Boomers have always lived in prosperity and now that we are in a true recession it is interesting to see how the generation is acting. If anyone wished to know ... Read More »

Commmuting Pain Index – Los Angeles and Atlanta Lead The Way

If you are looking to save your sanity and pocket book, or if you really hate traffic, here are the cities to stay away from. These cities share a high level of traffic combined with a spread out workforce. Long commutes are the norm and it is wearing on those who live there. IBM commissioned the study to determine the ... Read More »

95-year-old Spanish Blogger Making Waves: Update 107 yr old Aussie is Oldest Now

For those of you that think you are too old to do this internet thing and start your own blog, here is the heartwarming story of Maria Amelia Lopez of Spain who decided to start her own blog. And did I mention she is 95 years old. I really think this is awesome. Her readers call her “the little granny,” ... Read More »

Mommy’s Not Home, But Mummy Is

A couple of weeks ago we had the story of the body found in the home that was being shown by a real estate agent, but coming out of Spain is a stranger but true story. A woman who passed away in 2001, I kid you not, was found just recently after the apartment she owned was foreclosed upon and ... Read More »