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Television Opportunity For Real Estate Agents

A major television production company based in Los Angeles is doing nationwide casting for fabulous up-and-comers in real estate.  We’re looking for women ages 27-32 (but can go a bit outside that range) who are making a name for themselves in the competitive world of real estate.  We want women with huge personalities who know how to hustle and aren’t afraid to speak their minds.
 If you think this fits you, please reach out to Tricia at[email protected] and share a bit about yourself.  Be sure to include in the subject line “Realtor” and “City and State” that you’re in.  Lastly, we’re focused on casting a diverse group of women, however, all are welcome to submit.


  1. Focused on casting a diverse group of women, however, all are welcome to submit.

  2. Well this seems to be an excellent opportunity for ladies to prove themselves. Ladies go ahead and bang in for a good prospective. Regards

  3. great offer for indians women.i think they must prove..so wake up women.go ahead and do the best from your sides…

  4. That's actually a great opportunity right? I wish that You can be a good real estate agent same with me too.

  5. Oh well, I must say that that is really a great opportunity of the real estate agents. this kind of opportunity knocks only once.

  6. Well it seems to be a fantastic opportunity for the real estate agents and especially for women to prove themselves. It’s a great article. Thank you for posting.

  7. I will submit a friend of mine. She isn't a real estate agent, but a rehabber.

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  9. A newspaper ad is also a good way for you to advertise an open house. Specify a time and date when you will be home. Make sure the ad contains the property's address. If you're having trouble wording the ad, call the newspaper and ask for help. Copy editors are on staff and available to assist you. Thanks.

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