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The 6 Million Dollar Squatter

The 6 Million Dollar Squatter

If you are an older guy like me, you remember the old TV show, The 6 Million Dollar Man, featuring Steve Austin as an astronaut who suffered a crash and was rebuilt as a cyborg. It was a story of hope and change in the 1970′s.

Now in the new era of hope and change, we have a new version of the 6 million dollar man squatter. By using amazing technology of the internet, people are finding obscure laws and codes that allow them to try to beat the system. This is the story of Lamont Butler who found an obscure century old treaty that he felt entitled him to take over a 12 bedroom, 17 bathroom mansion in Bethesda, Maryland.

He did not last long, and faces a host of charges including burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, and attempted theft over one hundred thousand dollars.

But in this world of realtity TV, we may have a new show to pitch. The 6 Million Dollar Squatter. Instead of saving the world, we follow Lamont as he finds seaches Zillow to find mansions that are vacant. Then after another quick search of Findlaw he will create the legal basis for his takeover of the home.

During the half hour show we will watch real estate agents, bankers, law enforcement, and the courts find ways to legally evict Lamont from the home as he valiantly tries to maintain the residency.


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  1. I'm curious to see what actual legal precedent there is for this. I find it hard to believe that Somebody can simply walk into an abandoned house and expect to own it. I applaud the guys guts, just not his intelligence.

  2. Love the six million dollar man reference! It will be interesting to see what happens – interesting viewing!

  3. The story ends when the 6 million dollar squatter is put in a 6 square foot jail cell for 6 million years…

  4. Amazing that Lamont's mentality makes him think he is legitimately allowed to be there! I wonder how quickly professionals can change the locks once Lamont leaves for food :)

  5. Interesting! Siz million dollar squatter will definitely be a hit!

  6. That's a bit crazy, someone who takes a home for living… and expect to be the next owner. Is it really possible? If you have any example don't hesitate to tell us!

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  8. Yes I still remember Lee Majors as the bionic man!

  9. What a unique concept of trying to use the system at your own advantage. Its amazing what lengths people will go to for a buck and the idea of not working

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