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The Baby Boomer Generation Wants It All

This is not an indictment of the Baby Boomers, but it is indicative of the mentality that we have lived under for the past 20 to 30 years. The Baby Boomers have always lived in prosperity and now that we are in a true recession it is interesting to see how the generation is acting.

If anyone wished to know what the baby-boomer generation would do when, in its full maturity, it hit its first self-created, big-time recession, I think we are seeing the hysterical results. After two decades of unprecedented economic growth, rampant consumer spending, and unimaginable borrowing to satisfy our insatiable appetites, we are suddenly going into even larger debt and printing trillions of dollars in paper money to ensure that someone else after we are gone pays the debt. As if the permanent solution to a financial panic and years of spending wealth we didn’t create were a government take-over of the economy in the manner we currently witness in Spain, Italy, and Greece—or the high-tax, high-spend ethos of a bankrupt California. via The Corner.

What scares me is what will be left for our children and grandchildren.



  1. Well, the Baby Boomers are definitely responsible for this mess. They started out as free loving spirits, i.e. the hippies, preached peace, love, happiness, sharing, and oneness. Now that's when they were teenagers and adolescences, but once this generation grew up, they turned into the most selfish and greedy generation this world has come to know. It's all about me, me, me. Screw everyone else, I want it all for myself. Gen X and Gen Y can't wait for the Baby Boomers to just fade away or die, whichever comes first. They've screwed Americans for generations to come. Good job hypocrites!!

    -A disgruntled Gen X-er, typical, we are the most cynical of the current generations. Can you blame us?

  2. Merry prankster….hah…do you even know the origin of that?? The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test Only a gen x'er could come up with such a blatant condemnation of an entire generation. Good old American greed, if to be painted on ANY generation, would go to the post baby boomers…i.e. YOU. Madoff is older and all the slick shysters on Wall Street, well at least the majority, are not boomers.

    Never have so few hurt so many…put the blame where it belongs, on the small % of arses who don't give a flip about their fellow man…they should remember this….karma is a bitch and payback is hell.

    60 & lovin' it

    Saint Simons Island, Ga.

  3. Back when I was a kid (born in 62) it was very rare to have both parents working. Dads went out and worked while Moms stayed home and raised the family. Then as time went on and families wanted the larger homes and new cars they sent Mom out to work. Perfect for a while but what happens now that spending outpaces the income of both parents? Oops,we don't have anyone else to send out to work. I guess we'll have to start yanking the kids out of high school, and get them jobs to help pay for the 4,000 sq ft home and the new BMW in the driveway!

  4. Baby Boomers worry me. I look at my inlaws who “want it all”, have gone bankrupt twice, but still spend insane amounts and have a big house… big back yard etc. I worry that Gen Y (my husband new husband and I!) will be taking care of them… and paying for their mistakes. Whereas we keep it real, live in a tiny apartment, older car – yet earn a lot of money.

  5. Right all baby boomers are to blame. You effing babies. Frankly this boomer and husband worked as commercial fishers in Alaska and got taken to the cleaners by NAFTA and Exxon while you gen-xers were eating imported salmon and living the good lif with mommy and daddy. We have a very modest house, $2,000 cars and shop at Sunflower Market. For 20 years I have watched gen xers getting jobs making 100+K a year doing nothing but managing, managing, managing…not really producing anything….buying million dollar homes and razing them to build mcmansions. Arrogant and self absorbed.

    As for gen Y, a good example is the kid across the street who is in college for crop propagation and is amazed that I grow my own lettuce…organically, dude …wow. Well he was obviously smokin' his own lettuce, but you get the picture. Absolutely no common sense. Didn't think he could grow his own…except at the university.

    So you can blame the people before you if it makes you feel better, but it still won't feed you, whiners. If you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

    • Me, me, me,me…If it wasn't for us…typically boomer talk. Your days of glory are nearing an end and the rest of us will be better off for it. At least then we can begin to pay off the massive debt your generation put us in.

  6. Yes, CGA, today's American Generation-X is certainly part of the PROBLEM, not the solution. Have been a problem for America from birth Their whiny, hateful, narcissistic, self-absorbed arrogance will remain a problem until their deaths. Will be HELL'S problem afterward.

  7. So, who are the parents of a lot the "whiny, hateful, narcissistic, self-absorbed" gen Xers, yes, that would be the Baby Boomers. How did you raise your children to be like this?

  8. Proud Gen X-er

    Well well – I have to recommend the book Generations to anyone reading this. It is true that the Boomer elite are the most blatantly self centered, hypocritical and smug generation in recent memory, on the whole. My respect to those few who still hold true '60s ideals of peace and love, who did not succumb to the "greed is good" mentality of the late '70s and '80s. There are not many left. The vast majority of Boomers willfully turned credit use into credit abuse with the rampant pimping of unsecured loans to unsuspecting Xer consumers. They have decided that the way to win their game and disinherit us is to convince Gen X that they are worthless and unentitled to a decent life. If they can cast Gen Xers as druggies, burn-outs, lazy and anti-social (all the trappings of a mis-spent youth that many of them, when they had the luxury to do so, engaged in themselves), they can win the game, they think, by casting themselves as somehow more enlightened or deserving. Gen Xers – you need to form grass roots organizations with your peers. Try to do business chiefly with those born between 1961 and 1981. If you can get past the negative messages the boomers and the silents before them saddled you with in childhood as they were piously contemplating their collective navel, and support your own community, we may yet prevail. Just remember – the boomers willfully and blatantly mortgaged our future. I ask you – does such a generation – proflagate, unproductive and confrontational in their youth, given the world by their G.I. Generation parents, driving up costs by encouraging credit-based consumption to their unsuspecting juniors – deserve the fat retirement they are now constantly whining about?

    One other thing X-ers: Do you want to show YOUR cultural superiority to smug Baby Boomers? Start listening to jazz music. REAL jazz music. Boomers hate it because it reminds them that their parents (whom they resented and despised) had a superior culture in many respects to their three-or-four chord Rock and Roll pablum. It's also very hip, and most boomers have forgotten how to swing, so you will be one up on them in having a rich cultural activity and interest, that takes intelligence, is wholesome but fun, and that is not money-based. Face it: popular music has stagnated in this country anyway. Why not go REALLY retro (like to the late '50s/early '60s). Do it Xers: piss off a baby boomer today by showing him/her your cultural superiority. You will have fun while being a smug boomer's worst nightmare.

  9. MaryNorthernIllinois

    No, Baby Boomers did NOT live only in prosperity. Haven't you noticed that during this current recession pundits keep saying "It hasn't been this bad for 26 years" or "36 years"…those were the recession and inflation years of the early 70's (under Nixon) and the early 80's (under Reagan).

    Baby boomers were in their 20's and 30's during those years…interest rates very high and credit difficult; you couldn't buy a house right out of college with little or no money down as you could recently.

    The "free love" thing was a reaction against Viet Nam…unlike Iraq the military was supplied via the draft, and 53,000 Americans died.

    The war was a HUGE crisis for us because WE WERE CHILDREN OF THE "GREATEST GENERATION"…WW II VETERANS. We had been raised to believe that the U.S. was the great hero of the entire world, yet here we were napalming children overseas along with other evils of that unwinnable war.

    Young people avoided have children because you could never tell when Daddy might be drafted and then quite possibly killed.

    For many years now no one has been forced to go to war against their will. We leave the military to lower class kids who can't afford to go to college.

  10. Concerned Gen Y-er


    I am in the same boat. I've given up all hope of ever having a child in my home, because all my (and my fiance's) time and money will go towards the upkeep of his high-maintenance parents. They are going bankrupt and yet they're spending more money than Paris Hilton on a shopping spree, so we'll probably have to fund them before too long. My fiance and I want to have kids when we're financially solvent, but that day will never come–all our resources will go to my in-laws.

  11. WOW! All that anger out there! I came across this site by accident….I had Googled "What this generation wants in a home" because I'm having trouble selling my house which I've lived in since I was 25 years old. Yep…I'm a Boomer. I see good points on both sides, but it's futile to name-call and lump everyone into one category. My husband and I met in high school, married young, and worked hard. In many ways, it WAS a different world. NOTHING was handed to either of us; not college, not a big wedding, no bridal or baby showers, no money towards a house down payment. I even paid "room and board" and BTW I, FOR ONE,REPAID MY NATIONAL DEFENSE STUDENT LOAN! We drove clunkers most of our married life, but still managed to eat well, raise 3 children, dress nicely, and give to charity. In middle age, after struggling for 10 years to build a successful business, we were FINALLY going to build a new home. We bought our FIRST new car….then, my husband died. Now, I'm trying to sell the house we spent our married life in. It's a nice brick, solid house with some very nice features and I kept lowering the price til it is now "below market" and, you know what?….nobody wants it! It's not "Pottery-Barn Cute"!!! Hey, Generation X….ever hear of a paint brush and paint? Ever hear of waiting for granite counters 'til you could afford them? Do you know the meaning of "strippable wall-paper"? Can you prune a tree? So tell me…….WHICH generation REALLY wants it all and wants it NOW!!??!!

    • At least you got to build a home instead of renting over-priced-dumps owned by investor baby boomers.
      Try to find a job that pays a decent enough wage in 2012 as well.
      You have no idea, Baby boomers what it is like to be educated and young right now
      with very little hope of owning a house, etc.

  12. Sjaron, your house is not selling for one simple reason: it is priced too high. Generation X cannot afford it. What did you really expect? Your generation drove up the price of college, of housing, of medicine all while wages have actually dropped since your generation was in the workforce. If you want greed, take a look in the mirror. My generation certainly doesn't feel sorry for you. So you repaid your $1 student loan. Big DEAL. Since you went to college, the price has quadrupled relative to income.

  13. The rapacious, greedy, Gordon Geckoesque GENERATION-X fueled the real estate bubble with their speculative (read:flip) purchases of second and third homes. Very convenient for the generation that seems to be responsible for ALL the EVIL in America to point their already over-pointy fingers at Baby Boomers.

  14. Hello Boomers,

    Just stopped by for a visit.

    I see a few things here that

    coinside with my site.

    Happy New Year…


  15. I hate you all.

  16. "The rapacious, greedy, Gordon Geckoesque GENERATION-X"

    Actually, that would still be you guys. Gecko was a Boomer.





  18. This is the truth: Baby boomers are the reincarnation of Sodom and Gomorra. The only thing that kept them from bringing ultimate shame to America was a green illegal plant. Fire with fire phenomenon, I guess. History will judge you right. And before you are dead, you will be aware of how you will be remembered. No generation after the 1900 generation had the luxury to die and not know how they will be assessed. You boomers will not have this luxury either. You suck. Thanks for making the Gen X's pick up your bill, you narcissistic self-centered bigots. I hope the next generations will treat you with only the minimal respect required to stop the destructive wheel/cycle you put in motion. DO NOT TELL ME YOU RESPECTED YOUR ELDERS!! No boomer respected his/her elders. You were the most disrespectful, instant-gratification generation ever. A shame generation in the history of America. You will get what you have sown. We all do. I love these laws that no level of voting power can change. You boomers are now trying to vote yourself pure, vote yourselves white. Wrong. Not possible. Not even the wealth of your murderer-hero Andrew Carnegie could do that. Please, stop talking. You have talked all your lives. Nothing but talk. Nothing else to show for your existence. But talk. Please, stop bashing the later generations in the hope that you will demoralize them into committing heinous crimes and behaviors. All so you will not look that bad in history books. You do that, knowing well that no generation will ever reach the decadence and moral decay that your generation reached. Be proud – You are not strong, just dirty. Stay that way. Of course, I am just a spoiled little brat. Wrong. I don't care about you. I just care that now I have to support your wrinkled skin with my hard earned pennies. Remember one more truth that Baby Boomers have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt: Age does not have a direct relation to Wisdom. All you Woodstock Hanoi Janes! Read this! Thanks for welcoming the soldiers home with a shower, of your spit and drug phlegm and mucus. Nice…. Try to exit gracefully… and quietly. And may God have mercy on your souls.

    • Talk about a dumbass who is a socially inept buffoon. If you would do less running your mouth and do a little research it has been the baby boomers you moron who lost most of their wealth as a result of the capitalist idiots who own the banking industry. Your rhetoric and finger pointing is typical of a Gen Xer who has absolutley no creativity, needs to work in a group and hasnt been able to come up with an original idea other than a.com, twitter or some other social network site so you can do nothing but bitch anyway. If you want to complain get an education, do research and dig into the real problem. It isnt just about boomers, republicans or our GI parents which is the most insulting you punk ass whiney piss ant.

  19. What a shamelessly ,militantly hatefull whiners generation Xcrament are. Their KKK like ATTITUDE
    toward anyone whom they are intimidated by-and thats a LONG list- will be part of their legacy as a culture built on `Generacism'. SPARE US YOUR PENIS-ENVY work for what you want and start recognizing that we are the reason your sorry hides were not sent to iraq or anywhere els the right wing as conduted it's adventures. Youre all supposedly adults now. When are you going to start taking responsibility for YOUR share of the damage thats been done? iN CASE YOU HADN'T NOTICED

  20. Hey `Loud xer'
    I' Started listening to jazz when your biggest decision was huggies or pampers .YOU'RE ALL SO FULL OF YOURSELVES THAT YOU ACT LIKE YOU INVENTED RATHER THAN DESTROYED MUSIC

  21. Generation Xcrament mark the zeitgeist of generational bigotry.
    Their hatred will go down as a driving force of and a trademark of their culture based on their
    influencial and already obvious memorable impotence..

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