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Top 10 Cities For Relocations in the United States

RalieghAre you looking for where people are moving to as they leave the high tax states? Well, as the economy melts and some state governments are raising their taxes on businesses and top earners, they are fleeing to more receptive states.

Look at the states, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Colorado all are low tax states. What you will not see is New York or California as they are taxing their residents into oblivion both with property taxes and income taxes.

Back in the mid 90’s I was talking with someone working the corporate move of UPS from Connecticut to Atlanta. The top executives recognized that the middle manager could live like a king in Atlanta while Connecticut housing costs and taxes forced them to live in a home about half the size. Not to knock Connecticut, but this math is being done all over the country as achievers are looking for places where they can live the life they dreamed of, and have a little money left over.

So while these cities may not be perfect, they are also geared towards getting a business or family relocated and productive quickly.

Top 10 Cities For Relocations in the United States

  1. Raleigh, N.C. 2008 Population: 1,088,765 2007-2008 Change: 4.29%
  2. Austin, Texas 2008 Population: 1,652,602 2007-2008 Change: 3.77%
  3. Charlotte, N.C. 2008 Population: 1,701,799 2007-2008 Change: 3.36%
  4. Phoenix, Ariz. 2008 Population: 4,281,899 2007-2008 Change: 2.78%
  5. Dallas, Texas  2008 Population: 6,300,006 2007-2008 Change: 2.38%
  6. San Antonio, Texas  2008 Population: 2,031,445 2007-2008 Change: 2.34%
  7. Houston, Texas  2008 Population: 5,728,143 2007-2008 Change: 2.33%
  8. New Orleans, La. 2008 Population: 1,134,029 2007-2008 Change: 2.22%
  9. Atlanta, Ga. 2008 Population: 5,376,285 2007-2008 Change: 2.19%
  10. Denver, Colo.  2008 Population: 2,506,626 2007-2008 Change: 2.17%

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  1. With the economy down and more people looking for jobs, this will be the right time to consider these locations if you want to relocate.

  2. Las Vegas will be back on that list very soon.

  3. Oregon is not on that list. The income tax is kinda rough, but the lack of sales tax is pretty cool. Especially since I get to bring that with me even when I am visiting elsewhere.

  4. DC still strikes me as a great place to relocate to. Yes it's an expensive city but since the Federal Government is here we are tad more recession proof than most. Job stability seems to be better here than most. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Try Coldwell Banker they have a relocation arm, very helpful. Even in Dubai they have a Coldwell Banker office (www.coldwellbanker-ae.com)

  6. El Paso was number 4 on a recent Forbes list of the strongest real estate markets in the nation. While the city never has huge booms it also never falls into deep ruts either.

  7. Actually, Texas is a NO state income tax state and that is a great thing for working people. It is one of the many things that lure people to the state.

  8. Nevada is also a low tax state. No state income tax and business taxes are minimal. With tourism down, Nevada is trying harder to pull in businesses.

  9. Before relocating to a warlike plate in the Coalesced States take around attractions, job opportunities, gi neb pedagogy, and va word opportunities in one of these Top.

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