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Top 10 Coolest Cities In The United States To Live In

Are you living in your small town waiting for the day that you can move to the big city? Or are you a college senior looking for the place to live after graduation and have the most outrageous time living on your own?

We have the list for you. A cool city is one that has lots of things to do. Museums, bars, restaurants, sporting events, bars, galleries, nightclubs, bars. You get the picture.

But a cool city also has a vibe. You walk around and people are stylish. They radiate with the clothes and attitude that aura of cool that is so hard to describe but everyone knows it when they see it.

So if you are looking to live in a cool place, check out these cities.

Top 10 Coolest Cities In The United States To Live In

1.  New York
1.  La Vegas
3.  Seattle
4.  Chicago
5.  Oakland
6.  Orlando
7.  San Diego
8.  Los Angeles
9.  Miami
10. Washington, D.C.

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  1. Great post, from my side of the oversea here in Europe is the list of the Top 10 coolest Cities in U.S. to live in correct to 100% this towns is what people say they want to go and live in.

  2. Can definitely agree that Las Vegas is a cool place to live. With so many casino and hotels, there is so much to do, great shops and lots of great restaurants.

    • Tony, fyi terrible place to live unless you are a drunk or addicted to gambling. I thought it would be cool place myself moved there and it is terrible. And you are dead wrong there is nothing to do unless you are a gambling rat. Casinos get old quick go to them see a few shows see Hoover Dam and you have done it all. Gets old real fast not to mention 118 degree temp in the summer. Be careful what you wish for you might get it and regret it. Great place to visit but you sure don't want to live there I know. Been there done that.

  3. This is kind of funny only someone from New York would put them number 1.

  4. Informative blog to know about the top ten coolest places in U.S. to live and useful for the people who want to live on the cool places.

  5. I can most of the cities making the list…Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Etc. But I really need help in understanding how Oakland made the list.

    • I agree Anthony. I live here in the Bay Area and I can't stand the place. While taking a bart train through Oakland, prepare for lots of stink eye from people boarding at the city's bart stations. In addition to that, the neighborhoods still look the same as they did back in the '50's,60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and right up to 20011. Disenfranchised and run down. Great location, but bad vibe.

  6. Saw that Orlando is #6 and I can’t agree more. This city is great!

  7. I do love the architecture and vibe in Miami. It has such a great cultural diversity too.

  8. I can't believe they missed San Francisco!!! Of all the cities I've been to around the world and I'm talking two tours in the service on two different continents and trips almost every year, I still find San Francisco and it's surrounding Bay Area one the most exciting destinations in the world. It has it's great historical homes, fascinating maritme history, beautiful coastline, unbeatable cuisine from around the world, world class arts and entertainment, cutting edge medical research facilities and learning institutions, close proximity to the software capital of the world – Silicon Valley, and redwood forests. Plus San Francisco has also historically represented the future in innovative arts, music, theatre and globally responsible living.

  9. really? oakland… where's boston?

  10. LA should be first

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