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Top 10 Largest Home Builders In United States

Top 10 Largest Home Builders In United States

Updated Again with 2012 Numbers: 

The annual list of home builders is out again with the 2012 numbers, and the surprise entry this year was Habitat for Humanity coming in at the #10 position, down significantly from the previous year.

  1. D.R. Horton –  19,954 Homes Built in 2012
  2. PulteGroup –  16,505 Homes Built in 2012
  3. Lennar Corp  –  13,802 Homes Built in 2012
  4. NVR  –  9,843 Homes Built in 2012
  5. KB Home - 6,282 Homes Built in 2012
  6. Hovnanian Enterprises –  5,356 Homes Built in 2012
  7. The Ryland Group –  4,809 Homes Built in 2012
  8. Beazer Homes USA  –  4,428 Homes Built in 2012
  9. Meritage Homes Corp.  -4,238 Homes Built in 2012
  10. Habitat for Humanity International - 3,766 Homes Built in 2012

Updated with 2011 Numbers: 

Take a look at how much the numbers have changed over the past 6 years from their peak in 2005… We will post the 2012 numbers when they are released.

Top 10 Builders in the United States:

  1. D.R. Horton  – 18.983 Homes Built in 2011
  2. Pulte Homes – 17,095 Homes Built in 2011
  3. Lennar Corp. – 10,955 Homes Built in 2011
  4. NVR – 10,030  Homes Built in 2011
  5. KB Homes – 7,346 Homes Built in 2011
  6. Habitat For Humanity – 6,032 Built in 2011
  7. Hovnanian Enterprises – 5,009 Homes Built in 2011
  8. Ryland Group – 4,245 Homes Built in 2011
  9. Beazer Homes – 4,233 Homes Built in 2011
  10. Meritage Home Corp. – 3,700 Homes Built in 2011


Original Post:

The housing market is cooling so when looking for a builder you want to make sure that they will be around in the next few years. This list of the Top 10 Builders in the United States will help you find a builder.

Top 10 Builders in the United States:

  1. D.R. Horton  – 51,383 Homes Built in 2005
  2. Pulte Homes – 45,630 Homes Built in 2005
  3. Lennar Corp. – 42,359 Homes Built in 2005
  4. Centex Corp. – 37,022 Homes Built in 2005
  5. KB Homes – 31,009 Homes Built in 2005
  6. Beazer Homes – 18,401 Homes Built in 2005
  7. Hovnanian Enterprises – 17,783 Homes Built in 2005
  8. Ryland Group – 16,673 Homes Built in 2005
  9. M.D.C. Holdings – 15,307 Homes Built in 2005
  10. NVR – 13,787 Homes Built in 2005

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  1. When you click on Lennar’s link-3rd largest builder, Centex pops up. You might have to change this to corresponds to Lennar Homes, not Centex.

  2. Just because a house builder (yes, I said HOUSE, not HOME) is large doesn't mean it builds good houses or is a responsible member of the community. We could easily look at this top ten list as the top ten most wanted culprits in the epidemic of sprawl plaguing the country. Beazer is currently being investigated by the SEC–see this link: http://realestate.msn.com/Buying/Article_busweek…. A lot of the large builders have reputations, whether deserved or not, for putting up shoddy construction. Get in the basement and check out the joists. Ask whether they use nails or screws to hang drywall. Get educated. Choosing a house based on the size of the builder is ridiculous. In this case, size doesn't matter.

  3. Homes builders use bait and switch when you buy your house.

    You have very little proof that the all the homes parts are what you paid for. They are always changing manufacturers and never show you the options list.

    What you see on one house, you may not see on another.

    Simple things like framing in the toilets closet (the part of the bathroom that encloses the toilet with a door in a small room).

    I was told that my house model was different. The Drees builders made the door swing into the toilet room. It was like going into a public bathroom stall with little clearance to shut the door and not rub up against the toilet.

    Drees' customer service motto is to deny, explain away, and give excuses. They never once in my home buying experience stepped up to the plate and took responsibility. It was a hassle for every little or otherwise to get rectified.

  4. Could anyone let me know where these top 10 companies of USA participate in the Exhibition. I would appreciate for the answer.

  5. I didn't realize there were such big home builders in the country. I guess I have a lot of learn.

  6. Here is an updated list of the Top 25 US Home Builders

  7. I am a Commercial Realtor in Wilmington, NC.  I am very interested in receiving information from the "Real Estate Bloggers"!

    Thank you,

    John Aultman

  8. Re: Layla's comment: " didn’t realize there were such big home builders in the country."

    It's all about perspective. 51,383 is a lot of houses. But each year the US has over 1.5 MILLION new housing starts. In 2005 (when these numbers come from), it was over 2 million. Horton's 50,000 out of 2,000,000 is a 2.5% market share.

    By comparison, General Motors has a 20% market share in cars. The top ten home builders don't quite make it to 300,000 houses between them (top ten market share: 15%). The top ten car manufacturers make about 95% of the cars and trucks on the road.

    Some industries are very concentrated: cigarettes are made by about 3 companies. There are 4 big corporate accounting firms. Only a handful of oil companies, telephone carriers, etc. Coca Cola and Pepsi dominate the soft beverage market (including orange juice and bottled water). Just two companies, MillerCoors (28%) and Budweiser (49%), make most of the beer in the US.

    Home building is a classic example of a fragmented industry, lots of mom and pop companies, and even private owners building their houses themselves. Sure, some people roll their own cigarettes, or drink microbrew. Some even build cars from custom kits. Most don't. But most Americans have put their trust in small (often family-owned) businesses when it comes to building houses.

  9. Cannot believe how many homes these builders build in a year

  10. Hi All, I am too Residential builder and contractor in India, rendering my services for many years in giving complete luxurious homes, to classy, trendy yet strong and comfort citizens of India. But the above figures are astonishing and i wish to follow them on their foot- steps. All the very best.

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  15. It is really interesting to see numbers from 2005 to 2011 and how the dramatically less homes are being built now. I wonder if all of the homes were occupied throughout the years

  16. building almost close to 20K homes is not cakewalk. they built so many homes really means they are huge. applause to them. thanks for sharing .

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