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Top 10 Largest Landowners in United States

Land is considered to be one of the best investments one can own. And if you asked any of the 10 (groups of) people on this list they would most likely agree with you.

That is because they are the top 10 largest landowners in the country. From television magnet Ted Turner who heads the list to the Huber Family that owns both timber and oil land, the holdings are amazing.

The 2 million acres that Ted Turner owns is pretty large. Rhode Island only has 776,957.

Top 10 Largest Landowners in United States

  1. Ted Turner 2,000,000 acres
  2. Archie Aldis “Red” Emmerson 1,722,000 acres
  3. Irving Family 1,200,000 acres
  4. Singleton Family 1 million-plus acres
  5. King Ranch Heirs 851,642 acres
  6. Pingree Heirs 850,000 acres
  7. Brad Kelley 789,851 acres
  8. Reed Family 770,000 acres
  9. Ford Family 740,000 acres
  10. Huber Family 600,000 acres


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  2. Why would anybody need 2 million acres of land?

    • When the new world order comes into being, and other forces change our world as we know it, Mr. Turner wants to be sure he has tons of real estate on higher ground to sell and develop for all of the "displaced" people.

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  4. Is investing in raw land still a good investment?

  5. Tony, what I think and hope is that Ted Turner will put most if not all of his land under a preservation/conservation easement. Land has run out on the coast of South Carolina and governments here are now in a rush to conserve what's left to preserve the quality of life here. Any of these 10 would be my hero forever if they dedicated just a portion of their land to be preserved.

  6. I would like to know the largest overall land owners not jut the private land owners. In your research for the individual land owner top ten list did you find any such resource?

  7. Interesting blog topic. I guess you had to know that the Fords would be towards the top of the list.

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  9. Turner owns a lot of his land strategically atop some of the largest quifers in the US. Soon, water will become the new gold and Teddy will prevail again. The largest owner of land is the Federal Government. They own more than you can imagine, it is scary. Go research it!

  10. I wish I owned 2,000,000 acres of land. I’m not sure what I would do with it, but I’d like to own it free and clear.

  11. Wonder what Turner's property tax bill is every year. Second question is I wonder how much land Walmart owns? I'm guessing it is pretty significant.

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