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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America For 2008

Top 10 Most Dangerous CitiesThe Congressional Quarterly Press has released it’s most dangerous city list for 2008 and New Orleans has taken the lead. Last year Detroit was the leader of the pack, but now New Orleans is the most dangerous city.

Camden, New Jersey is second followed by Detroit, St. Louis, and Oakland. Camden had the lead in 2006 so they are climbing the charts again.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America 2008

  1. New Orleans
  2. Camden, NJ
  3. Detroit
  4. St. Louis
  5. Oakland
  6. Flint, Mich.
  7. Gary, Ind.
  8. Birmingham, Ala.
  9. Richmond, Calif.
  10. North Charleston, SC


  1. The people posting about how bad they hood is…LOL…perfect example of the decline of our civilization because of losers like you posting on here about how yo city is the baddest because of murders rates. "I am so proud of my hood b/c we be in the top 10 murder rate"

  2. I wonder what factor is common to all these top cities and the traits of the people committing all the crimes?

  3. Key cities off the list include Birmingham, AL.

    Detroit, MI St. Louis, MO; Richmond, CA, Detroit, MI and Oakland,CA are also cities to avoid. I travel and have been to all these cities. It's more than perception–it's statistics and experience. Vallejo,CA is there, too, and because the city went bankrupt they just fired half their police officers!

  4. I really can't believe how many people are proud of their city's violence. It's because of knuckle heads like you that there's violence in the first place, and I really don't care to hear the sorry ass excuse that that's all you've ever known because I grew up rough and poor as hell, so guess what I did…..I got a fuckin job and moved away. So keep tellin yourself how hood you are, but don't shy away from the fact that you're a complete joke and will never amount to anything with the attitude you have but I'm sure you smart guys already knew that.

  5. Oakland has mad love. I live in a predominantly African American / Hispanic location (I'm white). Nothing but love in Oakland. More soo than any major east coast city I've lived in. Don't believe the hype..it's media blowing shit outta proportion. We got cannabis clubs (and Oakland is the first and only City to set up a tax category for cannibus industry). Cops have nothing but love for all the Ganja smokers. What you know about Measure Z?!? For real…mad love. Oakland should be a model city for the rest of the country. Believe it, not all these juckets posting about a City they just read about on the internet.

  6. come to dublin ireland and see for urself.

  7. You guys are just plain ignorant! Maybe if you people that are so ‘excited’ by being named, one of the most dangerous cities in America, would read a book 'your' city wouldn't be on the list in the first place.

    I'm a 22year black woman and I thought as a people, we would could be proud of ourselves for something other than destruction and murder. What about education and propriety? Or are any of those things even important anymore? I swear black people are the first to claim injustice but refuse to help themselves out of unjust situations. I’m in no way claiming that black people as a whole are reflective of some of the black people on this blog, but this blog isn’t helping ease my case either. Grow up and join the rest of us in a place I affectionately call… The Real World.

    As for the white people on this board… what the hell is wrong with some of you as of late? I’m almost wholly sure that you’re threatened by black people. Lets not forget who taught black people to kill, steal and manipulate. Now that you’re no longer able to truly profit from these black people, don’t tuck you’re tail and run, finger point and claim innocent. Crime and ignorance is an AMERICAN problem and until we climb down off our goddamn high horse and begin working together we’ll never get anywhere.

  8. new haven,ct E.C.B. on deck… come find how it i5x in the town5xhip5x…we 5xhow luv out here…get the fuck on with that…whatever you want it5x on deck. google them elm city boys and them jungle boys.

  9. most dangerous worldwide (notinorder)…1. caracas,venezuela 2. rio de janeiro/sao paolo,brazil 3. san salvador,el salvador 4. kingston,jamaica 5. lagos,nigeria 6. monrovia,liberia 7. freetown,sierra leone 8. georgetown, guyana 9. ciudade juarez/mexico city, mexico 10. belize city/belmopan, belize 11. mogadishu, somalia 12. san juan/ponce, puerto rico 13. port au prince, haiti 14. port of spain, trinidad 15. livingston, guatemala 16. johannesburg/capetown, south africa 17. bombay, india 18. sarajevo, bosnia 19. baghdad/fallujah, iraq 20.kabul,afghanistan 21. gaza strip, israel 22. yangon, burma 23. harare, zimbabwe 24. brazzaville, congo 25.bogota/medellin, columbia 26. tegucigalpa, honduras 27. luanda angola 28. santo domingo, dominican republic 29. moscow, russia 30. panama city, panama


  11. It's not where you are from it is where you are at that point in time of your life, when shit pops off and you freeze, then u get frozen, I learned this in psychology class in borough of manhattan community college, its a mechanism in ur body flight or fight, some people just freeze lmao, those are the bitches they supposed to get it, die once not thousand times pac rip, biggie rip, i am from nyc we have at least 40,000 cops here to help out the communities, or excuse me to make nyc into america's police state, thats w/out the FBI, DEA, etc…, so i've been in tampa has cops in certain neighborhoods, detroit has no cops, newark has some cops, nyc everywhere u look there is a cop, So of course nyc guliani era til now is locked down, there is more cops in nyc then they have armies in othere countries, lmao, but that is a good thing cuz it keeps u out of trouble, just i hope people learn how to forgive because u need to be forgivin, unless u feel threatened then pop off its all good god will understand.

  12. L.A. County (10 million people) has had 2,700 murders since January 1st 2007. But you gotta remember that half of the cities in L.A. County are very nice and only have like 3 murders a year. You also gotta remember L.A. probably has the highest attemped murder rate in the country. People get shot everyday but they don’t always die. It’s hard to aim straight from a moving vehicle not that I would know. For a while I wanted out of here I thought about moving to the east coast but now I know its way worse over there lots of blacks and its way uglier over there.

  13. Texas stand up. We here. Dallas and Houston need to b on da list. We real n if its any flex u bringin, its a done deal. Said that, meant that, represent that.

  14. Word I know Tha Washington State need to be on the board too cause they are very violent and a lot of people are being killed

  15. yo camden is bad as hell. there are a lot of cities in jersey that are bad as hell. dont come to jersey if ur a pussy. dont step foot in camden if ur a little bit u wont last one second

  16. I live in 7 mile detroit it ain't dat bad! Juz sumtimes! Lmao it's crazy

  17. Jeremiah Washington

    this thing isnt accurate but it hit home some places oakland okay alabama really? dnt think so hoez scared straight chicago ante on that list let er body believe its safe n take a trip out east west or south even da north get buck wasup.

  18. dayton wayne beat east saint louis in a high school football game so we own east saint louis.

    dayton aka gem citi

  19. It's funny how people are proud of there city bein the worse in the country. It shows why those city are nothing but a dump site!! I hope you know the rest of us sit back and laugh at you. You live in a city of trash, with trash because you are trash. Instead of trying to do better for your fellow man, for neiborhood,for yourself, your children, you choose to shit where you eat. There was a famous saying in Detroit during the riots. Burn mutha f_cka Burn. And burn it did. They burn down there own city, streets homes and business. When there was nothin left but ash! They quikly seen that they had to live in that burn down city.

  20. Hey pepole, Richmond not that dangerus. I only ben rob once, and my house braken in twise in to years. ya, my sister was rape twise in the last four yeers, but i dont really care abot her cuz she is a dirty hoar!, she cheat on me wen she become prostituetion, and only one my brother has been shoot and killd. I recently move here from Medellin wich in Colombia, and I think Richmond is much beter place so dont judg befoure you think!!!!!!!

  21. I feel extermely sorry for pathetic, undeducated, lack of knowledge, sorry excuse individuals, for promoting violence in your neighborhood. Your proud to call youR "HOOD" a HOME, a place where, many individuals have to suffer becuase of your ingnorance. SHAME ON YOU, you low life SCUMS.

  22. there is no reason to feel proud of dangerous cities. Im from oakland and many people here like to brag about how bad it is. for all of those that love their city for murder rates your all idiots. oakland sucks dont come here its dirty ugly and full of crimes

  23. Puerto rico they like kill people this year 2011 we have 300 people kill for drugs we are the number 1 most dangerous island LA ISLA DE LA MUERTE

  24. smarttouchadvert

    I don’t think that this list is accurate because every city all over the world got some criminals and some of them although the city is a hight class you may find there worst people ever. The type of the city wasn’t an indicator to measure how dangerous it is.
    Thank You,
    Marc A. Donald

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