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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities To Own a Luxury Home in 2009


Living well does cost you. If you want a 2,000 square foot home in Monte Carlo in the right part of town, expect it to cost you nearly 9 million dollars. That is what it takes to live in the most expensive city on the Earth.

But the world is racing past the United States after the housing slowdown when it comes to luxury living.

New York slipped from the 2nd position to 6th in the World’s Most Expensive Cities to live for 2009. It was the only United States city to make the list.

The prices were determined by looking at the average prices in high end neighborhoods in these cities so do not think that the costs are indicative of the whole metropolises. I am sure that most of Moscow is not going to cost nearly $2,000 per square foot to buy a home. However, if you want to buy in the fancy parts of the city, expect to pay these prices.

So I present you the; 

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities To Own a Home

  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco $4,420.10 per sq/ft
  2. Moscow, Russia $1,937.30 per sq/ft
  3. London, United Kingdom $1,928.30 per sq/ft
  4. Tokyo, Japan $1,672.10 per sq/ft
  5. Hong Kong $1,498.00 per sq/ft
  6. New York, NY $1,384.10 per sq/ft
  7. Paris, France $1,126.20 per sq/ft
  8. Singapore $901.20 per sq/ft
  9. Rome, Italy $851.50 per sq/ft
  10. Mumbia, India $851.30 per sq/ft

via the Global Property Guide


  1. London property value gone down last 20 months. Specially in canary wharf area. But now in city of london commercial property renting value gone donw 15% from 2007.

  2. There is no doubt that the luxury market is directly tied the stock markets. As portfolios shrink the pool of luxury buyers decrease dramatically. Are 'off market deals" incorporated into this data?

    We are seeing an increase in activity in terms of interest, but not in property transfers. The initial thinking of our client base is that inflation will push HNW individuals into investing into hard assets such as trophy properties.

  3. These cities have the luxury buildings. There are many rich people living in them.

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